• Peloponnese / Peloponnisos
  • NUTS 2 : EL25
  • EL

Facts & Figures

Capital: Tripolis

Size: 15,490.0 km2

Population: 587,612

Regional GDP: :

% of the National GDP:

Regional GERD (%): :

% of Unemployment: 14.2

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S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Agrifood and gastronomy Emphasis will be given on coupling with local research (biotracing, functional foods, networking cross-regional and cross-country, new products, hydroponic, aeroponic production, carbon-footprint reduction, climate change resistant features), biodiversity promotion, vertical and horizontal integration, gastrotourism, branding and certification, outward orientation, use of ICTs, human capital enhancement
Tourism and Culture Emphasis will be given on 'experience' and targeted tourism, creative industries and culture, environmental sustainability and ecotourism, improvement of relevant infrastructures, branding and quality management, and value-chain expansion, e-services, etc.

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