• Skåne County / Skåne län
  • NUTS 3 : SE224
  • SE

Facts & Figures

Capital: Malmö

Size: 11,302 km2

Population: 1,252,933

Regional GDP: 40,225

% of the National GDP:

Regional GERD (%):

% of Unemployment:

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Kronmann, Daniel

  Email: Daniel.Kronmann@skane.se   Phone: 0046-40 675 34 36

Ast, Wilhelm

  Email: wilhelm.ast@skane.se   Phone: 0046-40 675 34 25

Hjelmborn, Carl-Albert

  Email: carl-albert.hjelmborn@skane.eu   Phone: 0032-261 328 91

Schölin, Tobias

  Email: Tobias.Scholin@skane.se

Sörvik, Jens

  Email: Jens.Sorvik@skane.se

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Life science and health The development of new life science products, services, e-health, business models and system solutions for preventive health measures.
Smart Sustainable Cities Knowledge, products, processes, services and systems at the intersection between a broad range of technological areas that solves cities' sustainability challenges, like energy, water, mobility, information systems.
ESS, Max IV and the Innovation Ecosystem Science Village Scandinavia The fostering of knowledge institutions that develop knowledge domains connected to the Big Science facilities ESS and MAX IV, in Nano-materials, Life Sciences and other emerging fields.
Tech Support the development of Skåne´s strong tech industry, which have industrial leadership in artificial intelligence, Internet of things, 5G, connectivity, image recognition, big data and gaming, but also a strong Creative media industry, which is essential for digital transformation.
Food innovation Increased food production in a circular and bio-based food production system. Food for quality of life and health, e.g. precision nutrition. Develop new possibilities within food security and consumer trust within the entire food value chain, inlcuding packaging and logistics. FoodTech, e.g. precision farming, Internet of Things, A.I., and 3D printing.
Advanced materials and manufacturing The manufacturing industry is one of region Skåne´s key assets, with notable strentghs in packaging, heat exchangers, ventilation, materials, chemistry, plastics. The focus for activities in this priority area is related to smart industry efforts, on digitisation, automatisation, sustainable production, new materials, tracéability, and skills supply.

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S3 Process:

Second Peer Review - Seville, 03 May 2012
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