• North-West / Nord-Vest
  • NUTS 2 : RO11
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Facts & Figures

Capital: Cluj-Napoca

Size: 34,160.5 km2

Population: 2,712,188

Regional GDP: 14,079

% of the National GDP: 11.32

Regional GERD (%): 0.34

% of Unemployment: 5.2

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Szávics, Petra

  Email: dds@nord-vest.ro   Phone: 0040-264431550

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Agri-Food The sector is well anchored in the regional economy with a significant number of employees and a large number of firms. Despite low income levels it has been supporting the development of rural economy given that almost half of the region's population lives in rural areas. Specialization niches: production of safe, healthy, affordable and nutritionally optimized food products based on local breeds and crops, culinary traditions and by applying the principles of High Nature Value Farming, sustainable and precision agriculture, as well as new veterinary and agricultural genetics; and production of functional foods.
Cosmetics and Food Suplements The cosmetics industry has a long industrial tradition in the region with significant players at both national and international level. In the field of food supplements, a regional concentration of representative national companies with a significant development potential can also be identified - especially in tandem with the cosmetics industry, considering the current European and global trends. Specialization niches: production of cosmetics and natural food supplements (bio / organic) without harmful chemical additives in particular: a) dermatocosmetics, b) nutraceutics, phytochemical / phytoproducts, c) cosmetics and dietary supplements based on natural extracts from unique regional resources (eg. plants, fruits, sericigenous material, etc.), d) nutricosmetics (cosmetics and food supplements); production of food supplements and extracts for several health issues (particularly oncology and implantology).
Health Encompasses education and research activities due to a high number of hospitals and other public and private health care facilities, as well as high number of health professionals. Specialization niches: innovations in oncology, especially personalized treatments with new products (eg: nutraceutics, phytochemicals / phytoproducts) as well as prevention; innovation in balneology through new goods and services based on local water resources; innovations in implantology and transplantology, nutrition / dietetics and podiatry using new technologies; respectively in psychology / psychiatry (focusing on new treatment methods such as virtual reality, interaction with animals); new pharmaceutical products for common diseases (eg. hybrid drugs) reducing side-effects, new developments in the field of biosimilars and biopharmaceuticals, including phytochemicals; special niche at regional level is the hemoglobin-based blood substitute, being the only RDI project leading to disruptive innovation.
New Materials - Furniture, Paper and Packaging, Plastics and Metal Processing These fields are important at regional level, having a multiplier effect in the economy and strong links with other sectors. At national level, the region ranks first in the field of plastics and metalworking. Specialization niches: Innovative materials and products based on / using advanced materials, composites, biomaterials (eg. biofilm, bioplastic, etc.), including recycled materials, new functional coatings, nanomaterials, multifunctional materials, leading to the development of new products especially in the fields of: furniture, paper, plastics, packaging and metal processing.
Advanced Production Technologies Encompasses economic activities related to the production of machinery and equipment which account for high concentration of companies and turnover in the region. Specialization niches include: innovative machinery and equipment in robotics, mechatronics, automation, advanced manufacturing and processing, additive manufacturing / rapid prototyping; innovative machinery and equipment for energy production using renewable sources or generating less pollution; machinery, equipment and solutions for energy efficiency.
ICT The region ranks second at national regarding the number of companies, number of employees and the turnover achieved by this sector. Specialization niches: product innovation in fields like: Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, cyber-security and space applications for civil use, cloud computing, gamification, intelligent systems, artificial intelligence, digital currencies and FinTech solutions, smart city solutions (with emphasis on energy efficiency), e-government, e-agriculture, e-health (including mobile applications and integration with wearables).

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