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Facts & Figures

Capital: Bucharest

Size: 238,390.7 km2

Population: 21,355,849

National GDP: 142,245.1 (2013)

National GERD (%): 0.39 (2013)

% of Unemployment: 7.4

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REGIO Infoview Page - ROMANIA

ESIF Open Data Platform - ROMANIA


National S2E Profile

KEEP-Territorial Cooperation Programmes - ROMANIA


Predescu, Rolanda

  Email: rolanda.predescu@ancs.ro   Phone: 0040-0213183067

Gheorghe, Dana

  Email: dana.gheorghe@ancs.ro   Phone: 0040-0213183058


S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Safe, accessible, nutritionally optimized food. Sustainable development in forestry. Zootechnics, veterinary medicine, fishing and aquaculture. New products, practices, processes and technologies in horticulture. Sustainable development of fields crops. Biotechnologies for agro-food. Nanobiotechnology. Environmental and industrial biotechnologies. Bioanalysis. Medical and pharmaceutical biotechnologies. In vitro/ in vivo assessment for generic drugs. Systemic, local and targeted drug delivery and technologies to optimize the biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic profile. Molecular design, (bio)synthesis, semisynthesis, high-performance screening.
Analysis, Management and Security of Big Data Future internet, software development technologies, instruments and methods. High performance computing and new computational models.
Increasing end-use energy efficiency. Optimizing the use of conventional and non-conventional water resources. Substitution of critical materials and functional covering. intelligent cities.
New-generation vehicles and ecological and energy-efficient technologies. Innovative technologies, equipment and technical systems for the generation of bioresources. Depolluting and waste reuse technologies.
Service and process innovations for public sector improving the well-being.
Development of innovative space and security applications.
Education, Cultural and Creative Industries
Services Services

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