• Algarve
  • NUTS 2 : PT15
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Facts & Figures

Capital: Faro

Size: 4,996.8 km2

Population: 450,993

Regional GDP: 7,302

% of the National GDP: 4.22

Regional GERD (%): 0.45

% of Unemployment: 15.6

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Sampaio Ramos, António

  Email: aramos@ccdr-alg.pt   Phone: 00351-289 895 200

Barros, Hugo

  Email: hfbarros@ualg.pt   Phone: 00351-289 800 097

Guerreiro, João

  Email: jguerreiro@ualg.pt   Phone: 00351-289 800 902

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Renewable Energies The objective of the region is to climb in the renewable energies value chain, and start developing and producing renewable energies technologies. Currently, such technologies are not developed in the region, and it simply develops activities related to the construction, management and monitoring of the facilities.
Maritime activities Regard the sea as a strategic resource for the region. This includes the development of activities that range from traditional fishery, tourism and leisure to R&D activities to explore and add value to unexplored marine resources.
Tourism and diversification into related industries Although tourism is a well-established sector in Algarve, it is important to diversify into related activities that go beyond promoting this region as a "sun and sea" destination. The objective is to develop or strengthen nautical, cultural, nature and business related activities. Another important aspect is the development of health and residential care facilities to attract retired people from other European countries.
ICTs and cultural industries Development of ICTs to foster the emergence of new businesses and to strengthen the development of existing regional activities.
Health and life sciences that address social needs, such as care for older people from abroad, and rehabilitation (based on a growing market of foreign people living in the region).
Agro-food Strengthen innovation and the use of technologies (automation, ICTs) in the agro-food sector. This will add value to the agro-food regional value chain.

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