• Picardie
  • NUTS 2 : FR22
  • FR

Facts & Figures

Capital: Amiens

Size: 19,399.5 km2

Population: 1,924,607

Regional GDP: 43,707

% of the National GDP: 2.26

Regional GERD (%): 1.24

% of Unemployment: 9.4

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Fliniaux, Marc-André

  Email: MFLINIAUX@cr-picardie.fr   Phone: 0033-322971732

Pierdet, Marielle

  Email: MPIERDETSOUVERAIN@cr-picardie.fr   Phone: 0033-322971671

Pilard, Florence

  Email: florence.pilard@picardie.pref.gouv.fr   Phone: 0033-322338420

Macczak, Patrick

  Email: Patrick.MACCZAK@direccte.gouv.fr   Phone: 0033-322224256

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Bio-Economy and Bio-Refinery Smart farming and agricultural engineering, green economy and agroindustry, bioenergy, biogas and risk management, human and animal food production.
Reconstructive Surgery and Healthcare Technologies Innovative activities developed through medical and morphological imaging, surgery and robotics, bio-therapy and transplantation, speech therapy and language centres.
Intelligent Vehicles and Systemic Mobility Intelligent Vehicles and Systemic Mobility
Energy, Mobility, Urbanicity Energy and urban mobility involving energy storage, smart grids, autonomous vehicle, production of vehicles and parts, innovative materials and assembly for building, vehicles and industry.
Social Innovation

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