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Facts & Figures

Capital: Santiago de Compostela

Size: 29,574.4 km2

Population: 2,728,906

Regional GDP: 56,441

% of the National GDP: 5.38

Regional GERD (%): 0.94

% of Unemployment: 17.4

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Varela Rey, Manuel

  Email: gain@xunta.es

Morgade Saavedra, Pilar

  Email: pilar.morgade.saavedra@xunta.es

Rohrer Sobrino, Enrique

  Email: enrique.rohrer.sobrino@xunta.es

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Health and well-being systems Fostering the public health and welfare systems through new integrated models of health and well-being management based on e-health and big data exploitation; biotechnology, regenerative medicine, healthy leaving and ageing
Healthy and Safe Food Diversification of food sector; innovation and nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.
Renewable Energy Diversification of the Galician energy sector to obtain significant efficiency improvement in exploiting region's natural resources by prioritising biomass and marine energy
Modernisation of primary sectors Modernisation of main Galician industries (agriculture, fisheries, livestock and forestry) for improving sustainability and competitively and for the generation of innovative products and services
Tourism and leisure Diversification of the tourism sector and hybridisation with cultural industries; implementation of new ICT technologies and innovative solutions for new developments in cultural and natural tourism
Sea-related sub-products value chain Value enhancement of sub-products and by-products generated by production chains linked to the sea by using them as components of cosmetic products, food additives, pharmaceutical applications, and thus obtaining a significant reduction of wastes and launching innovative high added value products into the market
Innovation in Public Administration Innovative activities in public administration and its ancillary sectors by using Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) oriented towards development of new high added value processes and products that enable exploration of new markets based on hybridisation, knowledge and technology.
Industrial Modernisation and Eco-Innovation Optimisation of low production processes through the implementation of the Factory of the Future concept and through Eco-innovation; improvement of efficiency and environmentally friendly behaviour in industry.
Healthy ageing New technologies in active ageing and a healthy lifestyle, as well as in boosting self-autonomy
Diversification of Galician driving and ancillary sectors by using new technologies Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) oriented to the development of new high added value processes and products that enable exploration of new markets based on hybridisation, knowledge and technology. Special interest in textile, automotive, shipbuilding, biomass, marine renewable energies and public administration.

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