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Facts & Figures

Capital: Sofia

Size: 110,899.7 km2

Population: 7,327,224

National GDP: 39,940.3 (2013)

National GERD (%): 0.65 (2013)

% of Unemployment: 11.3

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REGIO Infoview Page - BULGARIA

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National S2E Profile

KEEP-Territorial Cooperation Programmes - BULGARIA


Komatichev, Emil

  Email: e.komatichev@mi.government.bg   Phone: 00359-2 940 7255

Digital Growth
Nikolova, Margarita

  Email: m.nikolova@e-gov.bg   Phone: 00359-2 949 2033


S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Informatics and ICT New and hybrid applications (including 3D digitalization) for industrial design, assembling, visualization, prototyping and other areas (cultural heritage). Big Data, Grid and Cloud Technologies. Development of wireless sensors and language technologies
Healthy life and biotechnology industries Improved high productive technologies for traditional food sector; new approaches to diagnostics and medical instruments and equipment; advanced solutions, nano and biotechnologies to be applied in medicine, health care services, other than in blue economy; green/ bio based economy
Mechatronics and clean technologies sectors Clean technologies and new solutions for sustainable energy systems with focus on the transport sector; "smart homes" and "smart cities" solutions; advanced automation processes, including 3-D modelling, and assisted management software solutions with application in manufacturing
New technologies in creative and re-creative industries Computer and mobile applications and games with educational marketing and/or entertainment character

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