North-East (RO21)

General Information

  • Piatra Neamt
  • 36,850 km2
  • 3,198,564
  • 10.35
  • % of the National GDP 23,123
  • % of Unemployment 3.0
  • Regional GERD (%) 0.19
Urban Data Platform

S3 Thematic Platforms

S3 Priorities

Name Description
Textile Textile High-tech processes and applications in textiles; Technical and functional textiles; Digital fashion
Agri-Food & Wood Processing Smart-farming; Agricultural products for non-food purposes; Environmental impact of agriculture; Biosecurity and food safety; Forestry sector and timber industry
Health Medical and pharmaceutical biotechnologies; Precision medicine; Prevention medicine; e-Health; Biosecurity (veterinary collaboration – human medicine)
Tourism ICT solutions for tourism; Creative marketing and promotion; Healthy lifestyle tourism; Eco-tourism; Business Tourism; Cultural tourism
ICT Industrial modernization; Cybersecurity; Traceability and Big Data; Smart-city and smart-village; Development of new IT&C products hardware & software and test solutions
Energy Alternative energy sources; Energy efficiency
Environment Water (innovative solutions) Air (innovative solutions) Circular economy

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Digital Innovation Hubs

Technical Competences

Services Provided

Market Sectors

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