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Please be advised that the support activities of ReConfirm ended in December 2020.

Helping ambitions flourish together

The Regional Co-operation Networks for Industrial Modernisation Initiative (ReConfirm), is an EU funded project designed specifically to assist European regions and industrial stakeholders in implementing their action plan under the Smart Specialisation Platform for Industrial Modernisation.


See how ReConfirm has helped regional partnerships in a range of sectors across Europe realise their potential!

Introduction to ReConfirm:


Support is provided to European regions and industrial stakeholders to connect, form partnerships and reach agreements to cooperate and modernise industry together.

The support provided includes:

  • Mapping papers: to provide structured analysis of partnerships;
  • Collaboration LABs: to agree strategic and operational partnership elements;
  • Strategic workshops: to help identifying and involving additional potentialpartners, build concrete co-investment ideas and develop a roadmap towards a final agreement;

For more information about the support provided to the partnerships, please see the brochure and an overview of ReConfirm's activities.

The videos below present some of the most advanced investment ideas that ReConfirm is supporting for bringing strategic interregional projects to life. These videos provide concrete examples of the investment opportunities that ReConfirm is helping to develop via the S3P-Industry.

Tourism of Tomorrow Lab

Sanna Kärkkäinen, the Managing Director for Visit Rovaniemi, presents the most advanced investment idea of the Tourism partnership. The project, called the ‘Tourism of Tomorrow Laboratory’ (ToT LAB), aims to build an EU hub for gathering research, expertise, and data on tourism.

European Photonics Alliance

Dr. Anna Nikiel, part of the management team of PhotonDelta, introduces the European Photonics Alliance. This investment idea of the Photonics partnership intends to assist independent photonics ecosystems in achieving synergy across Europe.

MedTech 4.0

International Project Officer Gianni D’Errico, of the Tuscany Life Sciences Foundation, outlines MedTech 4.0. This pilot project developed under the MedTech partnership aims to develop the first open platform for accessing and analysing health-related data.

Sport Innovation Hubs

As the Cluster Manager for Sport and Technology, René Wijlens explaines the Sport Innovation Hubs. This ClusSport’s investment idea consists of building local ecosystems, which will support the transfer of technology and knowledge in the sport sector.



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