RDI funding guide RDI funding guide

This RDI funding guide provides summary information on the national and regional sources of funding that can support the implementation of the RIS3 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. It aims to be a quick and accessible reference point for all stakeholders, describing the characteristics, indicative actions and financial amounts available under each relevant scheme.

By using the filters below, select your organisation "profile" (universities, businesses and public actors) to display the national, regional and/or european funding sources available.

As we would like to further develop this guide in line with your needs, we welcome your feedback.

Please click here to get more information on the governance of FDI in Greece, and here to know more on the fast track procedure.

Selected ideas Selected ideas

The use of the RDI guide can be illustrated by further developing selected ideas from PDL2. The following fiches describe how specific ideas, or parts of these ideas, could be funded under H2020, and which other EU, regional, national or transnational sources of funding are relevant. They also identify key barriers for the development of the idea and the ways forward.

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Disclaimer – these fiches provide some indications as to which funds could be relevant to ideas identified during the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process in the regions of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, beyond those provided by the ROP. It is provided to stimulate further the development of the idea. However, it must be intended as exploratory and non-exhaustive.