Joining the S3 Platform - You are a non-EU region or country

If you are an EU candidate / EU neighbourhood or any other non-EU third country national or regional administration and wish to be involved and participate in the S3 Platform, send an emai to

As an EU candidate country you can benefit from the IPA instrument to invest into institution building, strategy development, etc.

Please include the following information:

  1. The designated department/body and persons (including contact details) that will be responsible for the work with the platform.
  2. Indication whether the contact details under point 1 would be appropriate when dealing with specific issues, such as the DAE (Digital Agenda for Europe) i.e. ICT, and Energy. If not, please provide the additional contact details.
  3. A chart/diagram illustrating the bodies and responsibilities regarding the drafting and coordination of innovation strategies including names and contacts (in this diagram the national/regional coordination should be clarified if relevant for the country/region). Please indicate whether the country's institutional organisation envisages establishing and implementing innovation strategies at national, regional or both levels.
  4. Indication of an existing link to a webpage on the regional innovation strategy/department, preferably in English language. If not available, you have to commit to develop a webpage on smart specialisation, which will be eventually linked to the S3 portal.
  5. Availability to use national or regional financial resources available in order to participate to the works of the S3 Platform (travel costs for participating voluntarily in S3 workshops and events cannot be reimbursed).
  6. If available, concise indication (list) of the priority areas / activities for future specialisation, identified by the current national/regional innovation strategy. If not available, concise list of areas you would like to develop as potential co-operation subjects with other countries/regions.