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Short interview to Katerina Ciampi Stancova

25 Jun 2019
Katerina Ciampi Stancova was interviewed at 2019 R2B SMAU event in Bologna (Italy) on 7 June 2019.

New publication! The Science for Policy Report "Smart Specialisation in the world, an EU policy approach helping to discover innovation globally" is out

13 Jun 2019
Following the first global workshop on Smart Specialisation held in Seville (Spain) in September 2018, the Smart Specialisation Platform published a Science for Policy Report on "Smart Specialisation in the world, an EU policy approach helping to discover innovation globally".

10th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

12 Jun 2019
The 10th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) is held in Gdansk on 12 – 13 June 2019.

Latest registration

03 Jun 2019
Olomouc region, Czech Republic has registered to the S3 Platform.

Are you a DIH? Register now to the Working Group of your interest of the DIHNET.EU community

12 May 2019
The DIHNET.EU project announced the 3rd of April during the 6th Working Group of DIHs the topics for the Working Groups that will permit DIHs to cooperate, discuss and exchange experiences. This was the result of an interactive process with the audience during the day where participants had the opportunity to select their preferred options.

Latest registration

30 Apr 2019
Luxembourg has registered to the S3 Platform.

Expression of Interest: Collaborating Region in the Water Smart Territories Partnership

25 Apr 2019
The European Commission recently approved a new thematic area focused on “Smart Water Territories” in the S3 Industrial Modernisation Platform. The regions of Aragón (Spain), Centre – Val de Loire (France) and Fryslân (The Netherlands), are leading this initiative and as a next step they are gathering relevant information on other regions interested in participating actively in this thematic area.

Join the DIHNET.EU Community

23 Apr 2019
A place for DIHs to join forces and collaborate!

Smart Specialisation in the Blue Economy context

10 Apr 2019
As part of joint collaboration between DG MARE and JRC, the S3 Platform has been analysing some Blue Growth emerging sectors, identifying the indicators that will enable measuring of the closely related innovative activities across Europe and the role of smart specialisation in the enhanced networking among the EU regions and Member States actively engaged in these emerging sectors. This year a particular focus was devoted to the selected pilot emerging sector of marine renewable energy. The results of the analysis done in the frame of the scientific work of the JRC S3 Platform and sub-contractors from the Basque Energy Cluster will be included in the 2019 Annual Economic Report on the EU Blue Economy. Furthermore, the work and case studies will be showcased at a thematic workshop on "Smart Specialisation and the Emerging Blue Sectors" organised in the frame of the largest event of Europe’s maritime community called "European Maritime Days" on 17 June in Lisbon.

Survey on the European Commission's support to Smart Specialisation Strategies

05 Apr 2019
The Centre for Industrial Studies (CSIL) has just launched a survey about the assistance provided by the European Commission to the design and implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategies. The survey is available until 30 April 2019.