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S3 Inter-regional Trade and Competition Tool

09 Dec 2014
The S3 Tools section of this website now features a fully interactive web-based application for the visualization and the analysis of inter-regional trade flows and the competitive position of regions in Europe.

Eye@RIS3 Online Tool

14 Nov 2014
The S3 Platform has encoded and updated the information on the S3 priorities on the basis of the advanced stages of the regional/national RIS3 strategies and ESIF Operational programmes.

The First Emerging Industries Conference

13 Nov 2014
Rinascimento: Emerging Industries - A New Engine for Growth

New Book on Smart Specialisation

10 Nov 2014
New book on Smart Specialisation by Dominique Foray

Brand-new Web Tool

05 Nov 2014
A brand-new web tool for the visualization and analysis of inter-regional trade flows and regional competitive position in Europe

Survey for Capacity Mapping for Advanced Manufacturing

22 Oct 2014
The Vanguard Initiative launched a survey to map the capacity for advanced manufacturing for energy applications in harsh environments.

European Cluster Conference 2014

20 Oct 2014
European Cluster Conference 2014: Boosting SME growth, industrial renewal and regional structural change through modern cluster policies and support

Workshop on Cluster Excellence

23 Sep 2014
"Moving forward the EU policy agenda on cluster excellence: Lessons learned and new challenges at policy and operational level"

New publication in the S3 Policy Brief and Working Paper Series

05 Sep 2014
New publication in the S3 Policy Brief and Working Paper Series

The Cockatoo Network

29 Aug 2014
The Cockatoo Network is a group of some 350 people and organisations with a common interest in collaboration on economic and regional development. It is based in Canberra, Australia, and has members in 26 countries. Its particular focus is investment attraction, industry clusters, regional development, hard and soft infrastructure, innovation policy, scoping projects etc.