New Nano-Enabled Products

The pilot project focuses on identify existing and missing value chains within nanotechnology across Europe.

New Nano-Enabled Products

New Nano-Enabled Products – one of the five Vanguard Initiative pilot projects is led by Skåne and Emilia Romagna region. The Vanguard New Nano-Enabled Product Pilot aims to connect regions in order to build an industrial ecosystem in nanotechnology and to create pilot production facilities for products based on nanomaterials. These products can be based on a synthesis of nanomaterials and nanocomponents which can be integrated in corresponding technical applications. Bringing prototypes to production by securing the reproducibility of application remains a critical point for the industry. This is where this pilot aim to make a difference.

Nanotechnology is a key enabling technology (KET) with the potential to address societal challenges. Nanomaterials are particles so small that we cannot see without using a microscope. Today nanotechnology underpins many practical applications and it can be used in products such as clothing, cars, windows, computers, cosmetics and medicine. Nanotechnology has the potential to further enhance quality of life and environmental protection.

Thematic working areas

Three different demo cases for interregional cooperation are being implemented:

1. Nanowires for ICT and Energy Applications

The Nanowires demonstration case aims to identify opportunities to commercialise the nanowire technology in three market segments - photovoltaics, lighting, power and Radio Frequency (RF) electronics. Within these segments nanowires have a great potential to increase cost-efficiency and tenability, while reducing the amount of material needed for production of for example solar cells and Light Emitting Diodes (LED).

Leading region: Skåne

2. Nano-Enabled Micro Systems for Bio Analysis (NEMS4Bio)

The demo-case “Nano-Enabled Micro Systems for Bio Analysis” aims to address the microfluidic integration challenges covering aspects such as bio-functionalisation, nano-functionalisation, heterogeneous cross-KET microfluidic integration (Si-on-X, Si-in-X) towards a module format (e.g. chip carrier, cartridge). Four markets of interest have been identified: Analysis for medical applications, food production, environmental lab analysis and bio-manufacturing processes.

Leading region: Flanders

3. Nano-Enabled Printed Electronics

The demo-case “Nano-Enabled Printed Electronics” is focusing on novel products with electronic functionality which are (at least in parts) manufactured via printing and that rely on nanomaterials to achieve their functionality. The demo-case has established a wide-spread network of industry and RTO partners in the field of printed electronics.

Leading region: Baden-Würtenberg

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Monitoring reports containing a management report and a progress report prepared by the lead regions are available here:
Monitoring report New Nano July-December 2020
(316 KB - PDF)