Multi-level S3 governance and synergies (Policy support) Multi-level S3 governance and synergies (Policy support)


Analysis of the multi-level S3 governance challenges related to implementing synergies. Stairways to Excellence collaborated with the JRC Lagging Regions project in the framework of the Governance Working Group.


Work conducted

  • Setting-up a Governance Working Group in collaboration with the JRC Lagging Regions Project
  • Initial analysis of case studies in the Lagging regions countries, covering synergies aspects between ERDF, EU and national funds
  • Two Governance Working Group meetings to present the findings of the analysis, generate further knowledge through expert presentations and identify potential activities to be carried out
  • Survey among less advanced, transition and more advanced regions with specific questions on synergies
  • Conclusion report on multi-level S3 governance and synergies


Lessons learned

  • Coordination of policies and funding instruments managed at different government levels is among the major problems and difficulties faced by regions on RIS3 governance, particularly among less developed regions
  • Most regions have a body in place within RIS3 governance structure to seek funding from different sources, however even if the body is operating it is not fully effective
  • Building skills and capacities to implement synergies between funding is one of the major challenges faced by less developed regions.
  • Transition and less developed regions have benefited more than advanced regions from the RIS3 exercise to better exploit synergies between funding sources and coordinate different policies
  • More developed regions are the ones that more frequently use other funding sources beyond ESIF (national/regional/private co-financing not counted) in the implementation of RIS3. Less developed regions find more difficulties in using other funding sources
  • Technical assistance possibilities under OP and specific training activities for institutional capacity building should be further exploited


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