Mining industry

The focus of this partnership is on Mining industry, related industries and services and global value chains.

Mining industry

The focus of this partnership is on Mining industry, related industries and services and global value chains. The background for this partnership is in Interreg Europe project Remix and H2020 project MIREU. This partnership operationalises the work of these projects and shift the focus on inter-regional investments.

The relevance of the topic for EU28 is diverse. Metals and minerals are the basis for any industrial production process and they provide both everyday products and novel solutions for modern infrastructure and technologies. The demand for raw materials has been and is expected to grow e.g. due to globally increasing living standards and population. From EU 28 perspective there exists a growing need towards self-sufficiency in raw material production including increase of domestic production of raw materials and better recycling procedures. Apart from traditional mining products, the emphasises will be especially on critical raw materials. Obviously, the economic growth and increasing employment are the main targets in all EU level initiatives. SMEs have a key role in achieving the goals on growth and increasing employment figures. In mining and related industries, the integration of SMEs at regional level to mining value chains is the starting point in this partnership. In interregional activities, the regions and SMEs can explore their capabilities and position in value chains and facilitate their integration to European and global value chains.

The aims of the partnership are:
  • to strengthen the regional and interregional innovation capacity to facilitate investments, growth and employment in mining industry, related industries and services in regions
  • to identify novel opportunities for joint-demonstration between regions based on the survey and mapping exercise conducted in the early phase of this partnership
  • to spread the knowledge of expert organisations to support regional growth and new business and work opportunities, and to create also a solid European collaboration among the regions involved in this initiative

Thematic working areas

Based on the recent developments in mining sector the special focus of the partnership is in following key themes which is found to be relevant in the EU context:
  • Critical raw material production
  • Empowerment of SMEs in Global Value Chains
  • New technologies and sustainable mining
  • Social acceptance of mining through stakeholder involvement
  • Education and training in mining and related industries

List of regions involved

Contact details of the leading regions

Contact details of DG REGIO

Related documents

Monitoring reports containing a management report and a progress report prepared by the lead regions are available here:
Monitoring report Mining January-June 2020
(286 KB - PDF)

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