Meeting 28 Nov 2018

Bilbao, Spain

Meeting 28 Nov 2018

Interregional collaboration plays a crucial role in the implementation of the Smart Specialisation Strategies. The main factor driving interest in interregional cooperation for smart specialisation is linked to effective implementation of the EU cohesion policy, particularly in the thematic objective 1 (research and innovation).

To help with the implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3) and accelerate the development of joint investment projects at the EU level in the smart specialisation agri-food areas, the European Commission services including DG AGRI, DG REGIO, DG RTD and JRC established Thematic Smart Specialisation Platform on Agri-Food. Since its launch in 2016, the S3 Platform (JRC) and other EC services have facilitated the implementation of interregional cooperation on smart specialisation.

To date, a total of five partnerships qualified:
  1. Consumer Involvement in Agri-Food Innovation (lead regions: Province of Gelderland, NL and Östergötland, SE)
  2. High-tech Farming (lead region: Tuscany, IT)
  3. Nutritional Ingredients (lead regions: Wallonia and Flanders, BE)
  4. Smart sensors for agri-food (lead regions: Flanders and Wallonia, BE)
  5. Traceability and Big Data (lead regions: Andalusia, ES and Emilia-Romagna, IT)

This half-day event focused on the progress of the partnerships, issues and challenges faced and ways to overcome these. The ongoing Agri-food partnerships were offered an opportunity to discuss their current progress, any specific pilots/ projects supported by the partnerships as well as the past/future activities of the Thematic Platform for Agri-food.

Why to participate?
The event was the place-to-be to meet, connect, discuss and learn about ongoing activities and issues related to the field of Agri-food. The workshop provided space for learning, matchmaking and presentation of the projects in Agri-food Smart Specialisation areas and collaboration opportunities.

The Working Committee Semi-annual meeting allows participants to:
  • Assess and benchmark the progress of each partnership, discuss any ongoing/future challenges and develop new solutions;
  • Receive information on possible synergies with other initiatives, e.g. EU Framework Programmes, ESIF, Interreg, EIT Food;
  • Share strategic guidance for the next period on key issues such as building synergies with EU funding programmes, overcoming regulatory obstacles for investment, understanding financial instruments, and skills.

Who should participate?
In order to benefit extensively from the event, we invited:
  • Managing Authorities
  • Policy officers
  • Business Development experts
  • Subject/technical experts.


Agenda JOINT EVENT Bilbao 27-28Nov2018
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Welcome and Opening
  • Leire BARAÑANO, Director of Neiker (Agri-food public innovation centre of the Basque Government)
  • Mario MILOUCHEV, Director for Rural development and Pre-accession assistance, and in charge of digitisation, Directorate-General for Agriculture and rural development (DG AGRI, EC), European Commission
  • Alessandro RAINOLDI, Head of the Territorial Development Unit, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission
  • Laurent DE MERCEY, Policy officer, Smart and sustainable growth Unit, Directorate-General for Regional and urban policy (DG REGIO), European Commission

S3P Agri-Food Platform: progress and results achievedKaterina CIAMPI STANCOVA  (JRC Seville, EC)    

Plenary Session Agri-Food

Learn phase: scoping and mapping
Good Partnership Governance: Key Principles and  Challenges
Business Planning and Models
Interactive Parallel Sessions: Moving Forward

1. Learn phase: scoping and mapping
  • Moderated by Katerina CIAMPI STANCOVA and Marc PATTINSON, the focus was on 3-4 questions from Nutritional Ingredients and Consumer Involvement

2. Good Partnership Governance: Key Principles and Challenges
  • Moderated by Wim HAENTJENS and Cecilia GAÑAN DE MOLINA, the focus was on 3 questions from Smart Sensors 4 Agri-food.

3. Business Planning and Models
  • Moderated by Alexia ROUBY and Elvira DOMINGO, the focus was on 3-4 questions from High-tech Farming and Traceability and Big Data.

4. How Digital Innovation Hubs can support Thematic Partnerships?   
Conclusions and Closing
  • Alexia ROUBY, DG AGRI, EC
  • Katerina CIAMPI STANCOVA, JRC Seville, EC
  • Annita KALPAKA, JRC Seville, EC


FINAL_Bilbao_AF report_17_01_18.pdf
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