Medical Technology

Medical technology offers new opportunities to address challenges by increasing the efficacy of healthcare and limiting the cost.

Medical Technology

Europe faces rising and potentially unsustainable health and care costs, mainly due to the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases , to an ageing population requiring more diversified care and to increasing societal demand. Healthcare systems are challenged at an unprecedented level in terms of quality of service and cost. The digital transformation of society is also expected to have a deep impact on active and healthy ageing as well as monitoring patients with chronic diseases.

Empowering the participation of citizens and transforming the care cycle to more person-centred and community-based care models will not only allow Europe to maximise the potential of Digital Economy for Healthcare sector, but also ensure a better access to healthcare for all. Europe needs smart, scalable and sustainable solutions building on new innovation opportunities coming from integration of Key Enabling Technologies (KET) with digitalization in order to overcome these challenges, and must grasp every opportunity for leadership. Technology and innovation continue to offer new opportunities at an accelerating pace.

The paradigm shift currently taking place in healthcare from symptomatic treatment of (acute) diseases towards Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, Participatory, Precision medicine and integrated care, will not be achieved without medical technology, which will offer new opportunities to address this challenge by increasing the efficacy of healthcare and limiting the cost. Reconciling better health / healthy ageing with growth opportunities for healthcare industries is the main objective of the Industry Driven Initiative ESTHER (Emerging and Strategic Technologies for Healthcare).

MedTech 4.0

International Project Officer Gianni D’Errico, of the Tuscany Life Sciences Foundation, outlines MedTech 4.0. This pilot project developed under the MedTech partnership aims to develop the first open platform for accessing and analysing health-related data.​​​​​​

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