Marine Renewable Energy

The S3 interregional partnership in MRE aims to pool regional resources and expertise in order to create new business opportunities and increased growth for the MRE sector.

Marine Renewable Energy

Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) can make a significant contribution to Europe’s energy mix and carbon free society. Offshore wind and ocean energy (wave and tidal) represent an additional green energy source and can therefore play an important role in strengthening the EU’s security of supply. Besides, Europe has a strong business and technological fabric operating in the energy and marine industry, which alongside with its excellent marine resources in terms of recoverable energy, should foster the emergence of the MRE sector. Moreover, based on the study of Ocean Research in Horizon 2020, the MRE sector presents a great potential in terms of job creation.

The S3 interregional partnership in MRE aims to pool regional resources and expertise in order to create new business opportunities and increased growth for the MRE sector.

With a focus on identifying and solving the key industrial challenges of the sector, in areas such as:
  • ​​​​​​manufacturing of large components;
  •  power transfer and conversion;
  •  corrosion in water;
  •  sensing, instrumentation and monitoring;
  •  O&M optimisation;
  •  testing and demonstration in real environments.

The partnership works in close cooperation with the Vanguard Initiative Pilot for Advanced Manufacturing in Energy related applications for Harsh Environments (VI ADMA Energy Pilot – led by Scotland and the Basque Country). 15 other regions take part in the partnership.

Based on technological and industrial expertise in the partner regions, and guided by the VI ADMA Energy Pilot experience, the partnership aims at facilitating European companies’ participation in pan-EU supply and value chains to solve these challenges, with a view to reducing the relatively higher costs of energy generation facing the MRE sector than other methods of green electricity generation.

Thematic working areas

  1. Manufacturing and handling of large size components
  2. Sensing and remote monitoring
  3. Identification and testing of the best available technologies to reduce the operation and maintenance costs of offshore energy infrastructure

List of regions involved

Contact details of the leading regions

Charles ABBOTT
Scottish Enterprise, delegation in Brussels: Scotland Europa

Contact details of DG REGIO

Related documents

Monitoring reports containing a management report and a progress report prepared by the lead regions are available here:
Monitoring report MRE July-Dec 2018
(454 KB - PDF)

Other relevant documents:
S3 MRE partnership.pdf
(813 KB - PDF)

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