Eye@RIS3 visualises public investment priorities for innovation across Europe. It enables public managers and stakeholders to position their territory in comparison to other territories and to find potential partners for collaboration. Inside the EU, priorities are linked to the use of the European Regional and Development Funds (ERDF). Data are based on the information found in Smart Specialisation Strategies and related strategic frameworks.  Outside the EU, they depict R&I priorities reported in various government strategy documents.

To allow for easy comparisons with established classifications, priorities are classified using the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE rev. 2) and the Nomenclature for the Analysis and Comparison of Scientific Programmes and Budgets (NABS 2007).

Last updates: The tool has been fully upgraded in September 2018. Data are continuously updated based on inputs from European regional and national authorities and their stakeholders (also called the "entrepreneurial discovery process" in the literature on smart specialisation).

Eye@RIS3: Innovation Priorities in Europe

EU Countries with Encoded S3 Priorities
EU Regions with Encoded S3 Priorities
Non-EU Countries with Encoded R&I Priorities
Non-EU Regions with Encoded R&I Priorities
Name [NUTS ID] Description Source Date of Source
Kanta-Häme [FI1C2] Circular natural resources and materials
Bio economy, circular economy and smart agriculture. Häme Region is known for its expertise related to bio and circular economy. Strong focus on practical implementation and collaboration with industry and farms. Experimentation with reused materi...
Final RIS3 Document 09 - May - 2022
Kanta-Häme [FI1C2] Sustainable food system
Sustainable food systems and related research and development activities at Häme Region offer opportunities for sustainable food production, new protein sources, new ways of farming and carbon active land use.
Final RIS3 Document 09 - May - 2022
Kanta-Häme [FI1C2] Smart services and processes
Renewal current processs and practices in industry, use of IoT, 5G and robotics offer opportunities for smart production and services. Steel production and manufacturing companies form the strong industrial basis of the region.
Final RIS3 Document 09 - May - 2022
Kanta-Häme [FI1C2] Smart and sustainable design
Well-being, culture and travel – creative combinations of nature, culture, and well-being with digital services offer new opportunities especially for SME’s in the region. Increased focus on sustainability also offers new business opportunities.
Final RIS3 Document 09 - May - 2022
Kymenlaakso [FI1C4] Bio- and Circular Economy - Renewable Materials and Energy
Smart specialisation as a regional objective rests in the improved utilisation of forest and other natural resources, raw materials and wastes, e.g. in energy use, biofuels, material refining and added value-based innovative products. This priorit...
Final RIS3 Document 12 - Mar - 2021
Kymenlaakso [FI1C4] Smart and Green Logistics
Safety and smart logistics - our region’s expertise in safety in both maritime transport and port operations is the top international level. Smart logistics is a means to intensify operations by which the environment, costs and work time are saved...
Final RIS3 Document 12 - Mar - 2021
Kymenlaakso [FI1C4] Digitalisation - Cyber Security and Digital Applications
Cyber security, gamification and digital applications in logistics, bio-economy, tourism and in health & well-being. Possibilities for new ideas and innovations are seen especially at the interfaces of different areas and expertise and digital app...
Final RIS3 Document 12 - Mar - 2021
Normandy [FRD] Protection and sustainable transformation of natural resources
Leader in the field of agriculture and food production, Normandie is charaterised by a variety of agriculture, marine and forest resources. Facing the impacts of climate change, Normandie will support innovation to better protect biodiversity, nat...
Draft RIS3 Document 05 - Sep - 2022
Normandy [FRD] Develop a zero-carbon energy mix
Leader in the field of energy production, Normandie will support energy transition along the whole energy supply chain, from production of renewable energies (especially offshore renewables) to storage (hydrogen, batteries), uses (smart grids, ene...
Draft RIS3 Document 05 - Sep - 2022
Normandy [FRD] New processes for a competitive, digital and sustainable industry
Normandie is an industrial region with important stakeholders in the fields of automobile, aeronautics, energy, chemicals, mobility and agri-food. The region is thus willing to support the research-innovation continuum, with a focus on the 4 dimen...
Draft RIS3 Document 05 - Sep - 2022