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Putting Digital Innovation Hubs into Regional Context - A European survey

Johan Miorner, Gabriel Rissola, Jens Sorvik, Joakim Wernberg
This report presents the results of a DIH Survey conducted among DIH managers and regional policy managers working with Smart Specialisation Strategies all over the EU28.

Exploring heterogeneous Digital Innovation Hubs in their context - Comparative case study of six (6) DIHs

Johan Miorner, Annita Kalpaka, Jens Sorvik, Joakim Wernberg
This report explores with a comparative approach the regional variation in organisation and implementation of DIHs across six (6) different EU regions: Saxony-Anhalt (Germany), Wielkopolska (Poland), Northern Ostrobothnia (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), Andalusia (Spain) and Central Macedonia (Greece).

Smart Specialisation from Concept to Practice: A Preliminary Assessment

Smart Specialisation - JRC Policy Insights Carlo GIANELLE, Fabrizio GUZZO, Krzysztof MIESZKOWSKI
This report presents some conceptual developments and original empirical results on how and to what extent the Smart Specialisation approach to regional innovation policy is currently being translated into strategic decisions and policy interventions in European Union regions and countries. This paper provides a summary of recent research conducted by the authors.

Industrial Policy in the EU and Its Neighbourhood: Learning from Policy Experimentation

Maximilian Benner
The article presents approaches to new industrial policies in the EU and its neighbourhood and argues there are opportunities for mutual policy learning


Gómez Prieto, Javier ; Demblans, Albane; Palazuelos Martínez, Manuel
Following the first global workshop on Smart Specialisation held in Seville (Spain) in September 2018, the Smart Specialisation Platform published a Science for Policy Report on "Smart Specialisation in the world, an EU policy approach helping to discover innovation globally". Smart Specialisation, as a place-based and innovative approach to innovation, was conceived as a "Made in EU" concept associated to the European cohesion policy. Under this umbrella, it has triggered the development of more than 120 Smart Specialisation Strategies among European Union (EU) regions and Member States in recent years. Nonetheless, the European roots of Smart Specialisation have gradually grown beyond EU borders. Smart Specialisation has started inspiring several regions and countries all over the world, and demonstrates a strong potential to feed into the international agenda on Sustainable Development.

Overview of activities performed in the heating and cooling initiative of the smart specialisation platform for energy

Technical Report CARLSSON Johan; JIMENEZ NAVARRO Navarro Juan Pablo; BERTOLDI Paolo; SEIGNEUR Isabelle
This report presents the activities performed in the heating and cooling initiative of the Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy (S3PEnergy). The objective of the initiative was to support regions to improve their heating and cooling strategies and to enhance their chances to access EU funds for their projects.

An assessment of IPA public investment in R&I in Albania

Olga Diukanova, Andrea Conte, and Simone Salotti
This policy brief illustrates the potential effects of public investment in Research and Innovation in Albania under the EU Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) using a general equilibrium model of the economy. The results point towards positive effects of the policy on the development of the country which also generate additional spillover benefits to other neighbouring regions.

Multilevel governance for smart specialisation: basic pillars for its construction

Larrea, Miren; Estensoro, Miren; Pertoldi, Martina.
Bibliographic Information: Larrea, M., Estensoro, M. and Pertoldi, M., Multilevel governance for smart specialisation: basic pillars for its construction, EUR 29736 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2019, ISBN 978-92-76-02922-9 (online),978-92-76-02921-2 (print), doi:10.2760/425579 (online),10.2760/328871 (print), JRC116076.

An expert view: framing S3 evaluation

Dr Yannis Tolias
This paper aims to bridge the information asymmetry between the communities of S3 practitioners and evaluators by presenting relevant information to both sides on various aspects of evaluation design and the concept of smart specialisation, respectively.

Joint Undertakings analysis of collaboration mechanisms with ESI Funds in a S3 context

This report investigates in particular the motivations and practices for strengthening collaborations between Joint Undertakings (JUs) (focusing on non-territorial innovation) and national and regional ESI Funds’ managing authorities (focusing on territorial innovation) and offers guidance to take the necessary steps to start or upscale them.