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Food and gastronomy as elements of regional innovation strategies

Forthcoming (beginning of 2016) Alessio Cavicchi and Katerina Ciampi Stancova
Forthcoming (beginning of 2016)

RIS3 Peer Review Summary Report - Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

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Project Presentation

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Smart Specialisation in Hunter Region

Regional Development, Australia
The Strategy, which is Australia’s first, identifies the Hunter’s competitive advantages to deliver a strong and focused economic development agenda that is supported by innovation and entrepreneurship.

Digital Transformation Scoreboard 2017: Evidence of positive outcomes and current opportunities for EU businesses

European companies are increasingly adopting digital technologies, but there are still big disparities between EU countries with regard to digital transformation performance.


Abstract References [Badcock-Broe et al. 2014] Badcock-Broe A, Flynn R, George S,...

Smart Guide to Cluster Policy

Kincsö Izsak, Christian Ketels, Gerd Meier zu Köcker and Thomas Lämmer-Gamp
This practical guide is for public authorities and stakeholders interested in how to make better use of clusters for promoting regional industrial modernisation, supporting the growth of SMEs and encouraging smart specialisation. It explains what cluster and cluster policies are and what they are not, what makes them successful, why they matter, and presents eight Do's and Don'ts. Further, it showcases four Smart Cluster Stories, several cluster programme examples and practical instruments of modern cluster policies.

European Assistance for Innovation Procurement

eafip will assist public procurers (ministries, local authorities, universities, hospitals, public utility companies, etc.) to implement innovation procurements (PCP / PPI) for ICT based solutions across the European Union.

Interregional partnership for Smart Specialisation on innovative use of non-food biomass

Smart Specialisation Platform on Industrial Modernisation
Overview - Interregional partnership for Smart Specialisation on innovative use of non-food biomass