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EU-Latin America Cooperation on Regional Innovation Systems in the Framework of Regional Policy

This report summarises the main outputs and conclusions derived from the implementation of EULACRIC Project

Energy Technologies and Innovation


Guide to Social Innovation

Social innovations are new ideas (products, services and models) that simultaneously meet social needs (care, education, employment, work organisation, urban, environment …) more effectively than alternatives and create new social relationships or collaborations. Social innovations are social in both their ends and their means (user-driven, co-creation, civil society involvement, …). They are innovations that are not only good for society but also enhance society's capacity to act.

Universities and Smart Specialisation: challenges, tensions and opportunities for the innovation strategies of european regions

2013 John Goddard, Louise Kempton, Paul Vallance
A paper written by leading researchers on universities and regional development, published in the Basque Economic Review.

Innovation - How to convert research into commercial success?

The report includes two studies on the commercialisation process and innovation successes in EU-funded projects in the field of industrial technologies, as well as an innovation management guide for practitioners. A section analysing EU-funded research projects in the field of industrial technologies looks at the various routes to innovation and analyses the impact factors of successful commercialisation in EU-funded R&D projects in industrial technologies. Case studies on knowledge transfer and market oriented exploitation are also provided.

New Practical Guide to EU Funding Opportunities for Research and Innovation (Funding opportunities until 2013)

This Guide provides potential recipients of EU funding for research and innovation with the practical information they need to access this funding. It also provides decision-makers with a full picture of all the funding opportunities available until 2013.

Building Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Skills in the EU

Transversal competences like creativity, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship are vital for innovation to reach the market. Entrepreneurship skills and attitudes should therefore be fostered in students and researchers to develop their proactivity, flexibility, autonomy, the capacity to manage projects and achieve results.

Towards an Action Plan for Entrepreneurs' and Enterprise Organizations' Involvement in the RIS³ Process

EURADA and S3 Platform
JRC-IPTS together with DG REGIO, DG ENTR, EURADA and UEAPME hosted an event on SMEs and Smart Specialisation. The event informed on and discussed possibilities for SME involvement in smart specialisation strategy development (RIS3) and their implementation. As an outcome of the conference an Action Plan for the involvement of SME representative organisations in the RIS3 development was released.

Connecting Smart and Sustainable Growth through Smart Specialisation

A practical guide for ERDF Managing Authorities (November 2012) - The Europe 2020 strategy is built on the three objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth to be implemented as 'three mutually reinforcing priorities'. In order to deliver on these goals and provide a response to the economic and financial crisis, it is of utmost importance that all involved actors connect these areas of action, involving all relevant stakeholders, developing synergies and boosting the added-value of public investments.

Guide on Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3 Guide)

Dominique Foray, John Goddard, Xabier Goenaga Beldarrain, Mikel Landabaso, Philip McCann, Kevin Morgan, Claire Nauwelaers, Raquel Ortega-Argilés
This guide is targeted at Structural Funds Managing Authorities, policy-makers and regional development professionals. It sets out the concept of smart specialisation and provides orientations on how to develop research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3).