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Guidance for public authorities on Public Procurement of Innovation

Abby Semple, Public Procurement Analysis
The European Union is actively supporting Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) through a number of policies, linked to the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Synergies between EU R&I Funding Programmes. Proceedings from the Launching Event of the Stairway to Excellence Project

12/2014 Susana Elena Perez, Andrea Conte, Nicholas Harrap
This S3 Policy Brief 12/2014 was published as an outcome of the S2E launching conference

Taking stock of S3 Peer Review Workshops

07/2014 Inger Midtkandal and Fatime Barbara Hegyi
While advocating that the Smart Specialisation is a process in which the bottom up involvement of stakeholders is crucial, the S3 Platform has from 2012 organised a number of informal Peer Review workshops in which peers from all across Europe, experts and Commission Staff have given feedback and policy advice to regions and countries that have presented their ongoing process of designing and developing RIS3.

Guidance for Beneficiaries of European Structural and Investment Funds and related EU instruments

Guidance for Beneficiaries of European Structural and Investment Funds and related EU instruments

Entrepreneurial Discovery Process Focus Group on Wine

Publication date: ...

Combining BBI (H2020) and European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) to deploy the European bioeconomy - Guiding principles

Bio-based Industries (BBI)
Practical Guide to realise synergies and stimulate innovation towards the bio-based economy

Digital Growth Strategies in EU Regions: Taking Stock from Learning Activities

11/2014 Alexander Kleibrink, Jens Sörvik and Katerina Stancova
The S3P has arranged three learning workshops for regional ICT strategies and policies, based on workshop presentations and discussions, this policy brief outlines the main lessons learnt in terms of policy processes, practices, and instruments. It concludes by providing a summary of general observations and outlining recommendations for enhancing policy learning in ICT.

Inter-Regional Collaboration in Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3)

06/2014 Elvira Uyarra, Jens Sörvik and Inger Midtkandal
The objective of this Smart Specialisation Platform Working Paper is to examine the role of inter-regional collaboration in national or regional Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3). It provides a conceptualisation of inter-regional collaboration within the framework of RIS3.

Broadband Investment Guide

M. Forzati, C. Mattsson, M. Corbet, D. Cullen
The broadband investment guide will help local, regional and national authorities to develop long-term development plans to bring fast internet to their communities