Kick-off event Dec 2016 Kick-off event Dec 2016

Thematic S3 Platform for Agri-Food

Kick-off Event of the Smart Specialisation Platform on Agri-Food

Congress Palace, Florence, Italy

6-7 December 2016



The Smart Specialisation Platform on Agri-Food (S3P Agri-Food) is meant to accelerate innovation and to promote regional economic transformation through the development of new value chains. The platform's main objective is to facilitate the creation of an investment pipeline of projects in new growth areas across the EU.

The platform will link different regions in Europe that have a common goal to develop specific parts of their economies following Smart Specialisation Strategies. In this way European wide value chains will be created. The projects, to be implemented under the platform, will be funded under existing instruments such as the ESI funds.

This Kick-off Event of the Smart Specialisation Platform on Agri-Food is co-organised by the European Commission's S3 Platform and the Government of Tuscany. The workshop will take place on 6-7 December 2016 in Florence (Italy). Regional and national authorities as well as regional actors (including clusters, businesses, academia, cities, etc.) will get together to discuss joint investment opportunities in specific thematic areas.

The event is open to all committed regions – those that have already expressed interest and those that would like to move forward. A number of new partnerships formally joining this thematic platform as members will launch their proposed initiatives.

At the same time, the work at the workshop is expected to result in agreed working arrangements for the preparation of new partnerships in thematic areas of shared interest and take steps towards creation of project investment pipeline with a specific focus on pilots and demonstrators.

Agenda and Presentations

AGENDA is available here.



Welcome and official opening

Partnerships for Agri-Food

S3P Agri-Food: Working arrangements

The role of ESI Funds and synergies with other instruments for trans-regional partnerships in Agri-Food

  • Rural Development and sectorial crossovers for innovative Agri-Food projects in Tuscany by Roberto Scalacci, Director for Agriculture and Rural Development of Tuscany Region

  • Panel Discussion with experts from European Commission services (Iman Boot, DG Agri, Alexandra Tuijtelaars, DG RTD, Jan Larosse, DG Regio), EIT Food (Luca Simone Cocolin) and Interreg Europe (Magdalini Anagnostou)