Joint Meeting June 2018 Joint Meeting June 2018

The S3PEnergy held its first Joint Partnerships Meeting in Brussels during the 6th of June 2018. This meeting brought together participants from all partnerships and representatives of European Institutions to review the implementation of the Platform's activities, to analyse potential issues, and provide strategic guidance.

The meeting was divided into a morning and an afternoon session. During the morning session, the Bioenergy and the Sustainable Buildings partnerships held meetings with their members. During these meetings, partners discussed the achievements of the partnerships so far and focused on next steps. Particular attention was given to the transition of partnerships to the Demonstrate phase, exploring possibilities for the development of new pilot projects.

During the afternoon, partners participated in a plenary session open to all S3PEnergy members. This meeting included presentations by DG REGIO and DG ENERG, presentations by partnership leaders on the development of their partnerships (covering progress, achievements and challenges faced so far) and also a session dedicated to funding opportunities for projects resulting from partnership activity. During the funding session, EIB and EIT InnoEnergy representatives presented the relevant sources of financial support provided by their institutions, and members of INTERREG and DG RTD were invited to join the discussions.

The S3PEnergy Joint Partnerships Meeting was followed by the S3PEnergy session on the 7Th of June at the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) where leaders presented the development of their partnerships.

Please find more information on the activities carried out by the S3PEnergy within the framework of the EUSEW here.