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Step 5 - Definition of coherent policy mix, roadmaps and action plan

The strategy should be implemented through a road map, with an effective action plan allowing for a degree of experimentation through pilot projects.

An action plan is a way of detailing and organising all the rules and tools a region needs in order to reach the prioritised goals, and it should provide for comprehensive and consistent information about strategic objectives, timeframes for implementation, identification of funding sources, tentative budget allocation.

Pilot projects constitute the main tools for policy experimentation and allow testing unprecedented mixes of policy measures at a small scale, before deciding on implementation at a larger and more expensive scale. In order to serve such a purpose effectively, pilot projects should be coupled with effective evaluation mechanisms leading to sound appraisal of success and feasibility as mainstream RIS3 projects.

Example 6 - OECD/European Commission guidance
Publications such as the joint 2011 OECD/European Commission book 'Regions and Innovation Policy' or the 2011 EC Communication 'Regional Policy for smart growth in Europe 2020' identify taxonomies of delivery instruments and/or offer a catalogue of possible innovation instruments and examples from regions that have successfully used them, which should act as an inspiration to regions to design smart and efficient policy mixes.


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