Instruments, Platforms & Concepts Instruments, Platforms & Concepts

European instruments/ platforms/ initiatives can be considered as facilitators especially for "downstream activities", to exploit and diffuse results from earlier programming periods (FP6-FP7) and the current one (Horizon 2020), and as key elements in monitoring the implementation of synergies in their various forms.


Fiches for a selection of these are below and more will be made available.  They describe their main contribution to the R&I landscape with a particular focus on the combination of different EU funding programmes and synergies, and are structured into three sections: Definition and context - Implementation - Possible synergies.


European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs)

EIT - Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs)

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)

Lead Market Initiative (LMI)

Living lab's


The fiches will be later enhanced with further research, addressing the situation as regards the take-up of public sector research results (including stemming from FP) by the private sector, the methods used for promoting the take-up, and the identification of barriers and good practices.