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ICT Innovation Vouchers are implemented by EU regions to improve the competitiveness and stimulate growth of microenterprises and SME by developing new products, processes and businesses. In addition innovation vouchers can boost demand for a large range of innovative ICT-related services – notably e-commerce including cross-border online sales – and thus contribute to reaching the Digital Agenda for Europe's priorities.

The digital revolution has not yet given its full potential for innovation and growth for microenterprises and SMEs. Promoting ICT uptake as an innovative business solution for SMEs is a key factor for success: software and intangibles - such as training in IT competencies - combined with adequate investment in hardware and high-speed connectivity is often essential to boost results and sustain the business of microenterprises and SMEs.

The analysis of existing voucher schemes across the EU - not necessarily ICT-related - confirms that it is a delivery mechanism that is particularly efficient for reaching out to micro-enterprises and SMEs in a streamlined manner.

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Study by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology & Innovation (The Short-run Impact on Total Factor Productivity Growth, 2014) showing the productivity gains stemming from innovation vouchers