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Recent Implementation Examples

In this section, a wide range of recent implementation examples are provided in the realm of:

Early Implementation Examples (2016)

Here are presented a collection of early examples of S3 implementation from regions and countries across Europe. The examples represent insightful practical experiences and show effective ways to tackle specific problems and challenges taking into account the context, resources and institutional settings characterising each region and country.

First-hand experiences dating from 2016 can be consulted


Under each of the above topics, examples are further organised according to the most common challenges policy-makers face during the S3 implementation process. Each individual example reports a brief description of the challenge, followed by a concise explanation of what the region or country has done in order to tackle it. Finally, the example sheets are complemented by relevant links to official documents and resources.


We also encourage you to submit new examples you deem interesting and relevant by emailing us at:


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