Implementation examples

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Recent Implementation Examples

In this section, several implementation examples are presented that examine how the Smart Specialisation approach was put into practice across European regions and member states. The cases provide an overview of the key challenges that public authorities are seeking to address and the innovation policies that were developed. They also explore the ways in which stakeholders have taken ownership of the Smart Specialisation concept to achieve certain goals, and underline success-driving factors and types of outcomes obtained.

Early Implementation Examples (2016)

Here are presented a collection of early examples of S3 implementation from regions and countries across Europe. The examples represent insightful practical experiences and show effective ways to tackle specific problems and challenges taking into account the context, resources and institutional settings characterising each region and country.

We also encourage you to submit new examples you deem interesting and relevant by emailing us at:

Latest news


State Aid Map in the Energy Sector

ESI Funds managers for S3 and energy across the EU often mention that the assessment whether their public interventions constitute State aid and whether the measure is compatible with the EU competition law is a constant challenge. This report is the summary of the “Workshop on State Aid Map in...