High Performance Production through 3D-Printing High Performance Production through 3D-Printing

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Monitoring reports containing a management report and a progress report prepared by the Lead Region(s) are available here:
Monitoring report covering the period from January to June 2020
Monitoring report covering the period from July to December 2019
Monitoring report covering the period from January to June 2019
Monitoring report covering the period from July to December 2018
Monitoring report covering the period from January to June 2018


The area concerns the implementation of synergies in new 3DP value chains across regions based on smart specialisations of the regions. The key objective is to identify opportunities for joint-demonstration between regions, based on a solid mapping exercise and the detected complementarities between existing demonstration facilities and company needs. The proposed area, which is one of Vanguard Initiative's Pilot Projects, targets the accelerated deployment of new 3DP applications. The focus lies on applications at post-prototyping level (> TRL5).

Among the most innovative manufacturing solutions of the last decade, additive manufacturing (AM) technologies have been identified as one of the most promising production technologies at global level. They are considered to empower the transition from mass production to mass customization in several leading sectors. AM Technologies are mainly concerned with “High performance manufacturing” and were identified as a segment with “particular high growth potential” and a global market volume of 2.2 billion dollars in 2012 that is expected to grow to 11 billion dollars in 2021. The potential for Smart production and efficient processes opens new perspectives, which has very often be associated to a possible new “Industrial Revolution”.

AM Technologies correspond to relative high levels of technology maturity or even market maturity already: some applications have reached TRL 9 and are broadly deployed, but many more are at post-prototyping level and should be fully deployed soon, i.e. in a time window of 3 to 5 years



List of Regions involved

Leading regions
Participating regions
Interested regions


List of Projects under development

- Automotive 1 - Multi-materials components by hybrid 3D Printing manufacturing led by Emilia-Romagna, Italy.
- Additive-Subtractive Platform - Additive-subtractive high precision & high finish production (high-end metals) led by South Netherlands and Lombardy.
- Machinery and Tooling -  Structural Parts with Complex Shapes led by Wallonia, Belgium.
- Automotive 2 - 3D-Printed automotive components (mono-material) for large (>2500 mm), medium and small complex parts led by Aragon, Spain.
- Healthcare - 3D-Printed customized components for orthosis, exoskeleton and exoprosthesis led by Emilia-Romagna (IT).
Creative Industries – Mass customized consumer goods (wearables, lighting and decoration (demo case 'on hold').

Contact details of the Leading Regions


Contact details of JRC

Email: JRC-S3P-INDUSTRY@ec.europa.eu

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