Good governance: principles and challenges

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Governance arrangements can foster or frustrate the implementation of S3, which is why national and regional authorities should reflect and strive to integrate principles of good governance. In fact, many aspects of implementation, in particular the selection of projects for public funding, a continuous entrepreneurial process of discovery and monitoring are highly influenced by governance arrangements. Using the term governance recognises that, as in other policy areas, the implementation of S3 is more effective and fair when executive power is shared with innovation actors, networks and indeed civil society more widely. However, we should recognise that each governance setting is unique and therefore, there is no such thing as a “governance template” that can be universally applied to every regional context regardless of the circumstances of time and place.

RIS3 in practice Good Governance
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How to set up sound governance structures?

How to establish suitable governance in different territorial contexts?

How to manage the emergence of new territorial actors?