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Smart Specialisation: monitoring and evaluation State of the play and next steps

24/01/2019 24/01/2019
Given its experimentalist and result-oriented approach, Smart Specialisation places a strong emphasis on the role of monitoring and evaluation.

Third meeting of the working group on RIS3 monitoring in lagging regions

06/07/2017 06/07/2017
This event concludes a set of three meetings in which the partner regions of the project RIS3 Support in Lagging Regions have discussed and advanced their monitoring system.

1st Project Development Lab, Komotini, 6-7 May 2015

06/05/2015 07/05/2015
Many of the promising ideas generated during the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) focus groups were further pursued in line with possible funding sources in the first Project Development Lab (PDL). This workshop event took place in Komotini on 6-7 May 2015.

Third Entrepreneurial Discovery Process Focus Group on Tourism in REMTh

The Third Entrepreneurial Discovery Process Focus Group on tourism took place in Alexandroupolis (Greece).

Entrepreneurial Discovery Focus Group on Dairy and Meat in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

29/01/2015 29/01/2015
The Second Entrepreneurial Discovery Process Focus Group on dairy and meat products took place in Komotini (Greece).