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Seminar on Higher Education and Smart Specialisation

12/04/2016 13/04/2016
Disseminated findings from the SmartSpec research consortium and developed concepts for the HESS project.

Implementation of the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) in Slovenia

This S3 implementation workshop aimed at supporting trans-regional collaboration on a few selected S3 priority fields that may benefit from additional exposure to the relevant European stakeholders.

S2E National Event: SLOVENIA

The SLOVENIA National Event was co-organised by the S3 Platform - S2E project, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, and Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy - Republic of Slovenia.

S2E National Event: ESTONIA

11/03/2016 11/03/2016
The ESTONIA National Event was co-organised by the S3 Platform - S2E project and the Estonian Research Council.

Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy / ERRIN “Embedding Energy Union in the Regions”

The S3P-Energy is a joint initiative of the Directorates-General for Regional and Urban Policy, Energy, and the Joint Research Centre (JRC). The S3P-Energy is planned to become an enabling tool for regions to coordinate, rationalise and plan their respective energy strategies, develop a shared vision on knowledge-based energy policy development, and set up a strategic agenda of collaborative work.

S2E National Event: CZECH REPUBLIC

03/03/2016 03/03/2016
The CZECH REPUBLIC National Event was co-organised by the S3 Platform - S2E project and the Government Office the Czech Republic.

World Sustainable Energy Days

24/02/2016 26/02/2016
The World Sustainable Energy Days, one of the largest annual conferences in this field in Europe, offer a unique combination of events on sustainable energy.

S3 Design Learning Workshop

18/02/2016 19/02/2016
In the framework of the project, the S3 Platform and the Academy of Sciences of Moldova organised the first workshop on smart specialisation (S3) strategy design targeted on the EU enlargement and neighbourhood countries.

Conference 'Big Data and Society – Between Causality and Correlation'

15/02/2016 16/02/2016
The research consortium "Assessing Big Data" (ABIDA) organises this conference to present preliminary results and to engage in an interdisciplinary exchange with experts in the field and other interested parties. One of the key topics will be regulation and governance in times of big data.