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S3 Governance: "Entrepreneurial Discovery Process"

24/09/2014 25/09/2014
This workshop was organised by the S3 Platform in co-operation with the Regional Government of Tuscany.

How to develop and implement your RIS3 priorities

01/04/2014 02/04/2014
When you have chosen your priorities, how do you continue? How do you make sure you succeed in the field? Who do you involve, what tools do you use, how do you make necessary changes and based on what information? How do you as a regional policy maker contribute to the economic growth in the companies that will ensure the future income and welfare of the region?

How to Develop and Implement RIS3 Priorities

Four regions present their experiences on how they have developed their RIS3 priorities and how they implement them

THEMATIC WORKSHOP: "Economic Indicators and Monitoring and Evaluation Tools for Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3)

24/01/2013 25/01/2013
The event was co-organised by the European Commission, the University of Groningen and the region Northern Netherlands (NL). The workshop focused on the use of economic indicators and monitoring and evaluation tools in the context of research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3). The purpose of the initiative was to discuss the role of different types of indicators in the process of developing and implementing RIS3 in general and with the support of the Structural Funds.

The Meeting of the IQ-Net Network

19/06/2012 20/06/2012
The Meeting of the IQ-Net Network

Conference "Regions for Economic Change 2012"

Conference "Regions for Economic Change 2012"

Joint Workshop on Smart Specialisation Strategies

28/03/2012 29/03/2012
The workshop brought together policy makers, academia and experts from different countries and regions in the context of smart specialisation strategies for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Seminar on Smart Specialisation

01/03/2012 02/03/2012
Dissemination of knowledge on the concept of smart specialisation and the related conditionality for the development of ERDF financed operational programmes for the years 2014-2010 among national and regional decision makers, researchers and EU Structural Funds Managing Authorities

DG Regional Policy staff training event on Smart Specialisation

DG Regional Policy staff training event on Smart Specialisation

EU Research and Innovation

What role for regions and cities after 2013? Forum of the Committee of the Regions
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