Entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) cycle

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The term entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) refers to the systematic discovery and pursuit of emergent RDI investment priorities by actors, typically within a socio-economic system territorially bounded. Five years of work on S3 around Europe have demonstrated that the logic of EDP, whereby stakeholders’ interaction is used to open new domains of technological and market opportunities and to inform governments’ decision-making, is strong and sound. However, the practice has highlighted that:

(i) The EDP needs to be part of the entire policy cycle, where stakeholders are involved from the identification of priorities to their implementation;

(ii) One EDP size does not fit all, and local specificities must be the EDP's starting point.

The role of government is to act as a platform to enable, sustain and guide stakeholders’ participation across the entire policy cycle. This brings new opportunities to policy makers, as well as important challenges.

RIS3 In practice EDP
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How to support EDP beyond the priority selection phase?

How to maintain stakeholders' engagement?

How to implement EDP at local, sub-regional level?