S3 Beyond EU

Smart Specialisation beyond EU borders and inspiring several countries and regions around the world.

Smart Specialisation, as a place-based and innovative approach to innovation, was conceived as a "Made in EU" concept associated to the European cohesion policy.

However, the European roots of Smart Specialisation have gradually grown beyond EU borders, and Smart Specialisation has started inspiring several countries and regions around the world.

This has been the case, at different levels, of countries belonging to the European Enlargement Policy, the European Neighbourhood Policy, and generally of countries on the five continents falling under the umbrella of international cooperation. In this context, this section provides a world tour of Smart Specialisation pockets outside the EU.

Not only is Smart Specialisation giving impetus to localised innovation policies at worldwide level, but it is also showing relevance to contribute to the international agenda on sustainable development. In this area, Smart Specialisation appears as an enabling methodology for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

EU Enlargement

The EU's enlargement policy deals with the countries currently aspiring to become members of the European Union.

EU Neighbourhood

Working with southern and eastern neighbours of the EU to achieve the closest possible political association and the greatest possible degree of economic integration.