Smart Specialisation Strategies for Sustainability (S4)

What does the fourth ā€œSā€ change?

The first change is that of directionality. S4 refers to Smart Specialisation Strategies which ex-ante aim at improving sustainability and inclusiveness through an innovation-driven policy. These are place-based strategies, which combine directionality with bottom-up energy.

They connect strategies and actors at regional and national level with EU-wide policies such as the European Green Deal and the new industrial policy for a sustainable Recovery to the new green and digital economy.An S4 approach also changes quite fundamentally policy implementation. It mobilises transformative innovation in a systemic approach for cross-sectorial solutions and whole-of-government-approach, while leaving no one behind; it focuses on synergies between innovation, sustainability, infrastructure and skills; and it connects investment with regulation and reforms.

S4 is a voluntary choice. It repositions smart specialisation in the new EU policy agenda to use the unprecedented EU investment for local jobs creation in the post-Covid recovery.