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Contact Data

Coordinator (Other)

Aerospace Valley

Coordinator website

Year Established



Bâtiment B612, 3 Rue Tarfaya,, 31405, Toulouse (France)


Contact information

Hanna-Kaisa Saari



Aerospace Valley is the biggest European competitiveness cluster dedicated to aeronautics, space and embedded systems gathering more than 840 members from industry and research including amongst others 500 SMEs as well as large corporate groups and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), the major aerospace research establishments, engineering schools and local authorities. The purpose of Aerospace Valley is to leverage the competitiveness and visibility of its members, both on the national and international scene. The core expertise of Aerospace Valley is based on three services: networking, R&D and innovation, and companies business and resources development.

Overall, Aerospace Valley represents one third of the French aerospace workforce totalling over 130,000 industrial employments in 1,600 industrial establishments. The annual turnover by companies related to the aerospace sector contributes to 60% of the overall economic development of Occitanie and to 40% to the one of Nouvelle Aquitaine. In terms of R&D activities, a total of 8,500 researchers and scientists are active on the Aerospace Valley territory, which accounts for 45% of the total French national R&D potential in aeronautics, space and embedded systems.


Aerospace Valley is recognized for its strong will to develop ties with other European and international clusters, whether they operate in the field of aerospace or not. The interclustering strategy of Aerospace Valley relies on several elements. First, Aerospace Valley actively participates in the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) network as coordinator of the working group “Internationalization” and assumes leadership of the Clusters Working Group in the NEREUS network on space activities. Second, the ties Aerospace maintains with other European clusters have been reinforced through numerous interclustering projects in which AV was either participant, WP leader or coordinator, such as SPACE2ID and Space2IDGO (COSME ESCP4i), FabSpace (INSO), NEPTUNE and CROSS4HEALTH (Innosup 1), APSAT (Interreg SUDOE), AGRIPIR (Interreg POCTEFA), CARE or THE ISSUE (FP7). Aerospace Valley took an active part and is currently managing the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center Sud France (ESA BIC Sud France), in association with the CNES (French Space Agency) and SAFE (French competitiveness cluster in aeronautics, space and embedded systems). Over the years and thanks to these mutually beneficial partnerships with other European clusters, Aerospace Valley has achieved excellence in its field. As a matter of fact, Aerospace Valley has been nominated as National Contact Point (NCP) for the thematic areas transport, space and SME activities under the Horizon 2020 Programme. Aerospace Valley's expertise has also recently been recognized at the European level and awarded the Gold Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI).

Aerospace Valley has a 13 years experiences in supporting services towards its members in national and international level including: networking activities, R&D and innovation project support services with both public and private funding and company’s development services (creation, acceleration, transformation).

One of the Aerospace Valleys priority topics is Industry 4.0, where Aerospace Valley has developed several initiatives and supporting actions in order to boost the digitisation and modernisation of Aerospace supply chain, notable SMEs. This services included the full panel of services such as R&D and innovation support, new technology integration, and company’s human resources training.

Link to national or regional initiatives for digitising industry

Aerospace Valley is funded by national and regional funds to support SMEs digitising.

The activities of the hub are alligned with the French national initiative for digitising industry "Alliance Industrie du Futur".

At regional level the hub activities are aligned with the Occitanie Data initiative aiming at gathering and energizing a community of public and private actors addressing the full value chain from data production to service offering.

At regional level, the hub activities are also aligned with the 3IA institute creation, part of a national scheme for the creation of 4 institutes in artificial intelligence addressing core/integrative/application driven research in the domains of transport/mobility, industry 4.0, environment and health, but also training both initial and continuous, as well as business development (including a start-up creation program).

More generally the hub activities are aligned with the regional strategy in Occitanie, especially with the “intelligent systems and digital data chain” (eg through the “Autonomous and connected transport system” challenge).

The regional strategy for innovation in Occitanie covers 7 domains, amongst which the “intelligent systems and digital data chain” addressing embedded systems, IoT, big data, AI, quantum technologies, cybersecurity, …, all topics which are supported by Aerospace Valley through its animation/ Innovation/ and development pillars.

For example one of the flagship projects in that frame, sponsored by Paul Sabatier University and Aerospace Valley, with the support of Ad’Occ (the Regional Agency for Economic Development), is for a test site of autonomous and connected vehicles: autOCampus. Members AI technologies are at the heart of this proect.

Aerospace Valley has supported as examples the 3 following European projects in the DIH scope: MATHISIS, JUPITER, CROSS4HEALTH.

MATHISIS  is about reinforcing the role of ICT in education, by creating new tools for vocational training and mainstream education for individuals with or without learning disabilities. The project involved partners such as ATOS in Spain, Diginext in France, various universities across Europe, and Aerospace Valley.

JUPITER aims at European GNSS awareness raising, capacity building and promotion activities for fostering business development of EGNSS based applications worldwide in response to the societal challenge at stake for mobility and transportation. The project involves partners such as Ertico, PildoLabs, and Aerospace Valley.

CROSS4HEALTH aims at unlocking the collaborative potential of SMEs from Aerospace, Biotechnologies, Energy, ICT and Medical Devices sectors, in generating innovative solutions. The project involves partners such as Eurob creative in Spain, Innovation SKANE in Sweden, and Aerospace Valley.

Market and Services


  • Transport and logistics
  • Public administration
  • Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment
  • Manufacture of transport equipment
  • Other Manufacturing

TRL Focus

  • TRL1 - Basic principles observed and reported
  • TRL2 - Technology concept and/or application formulated
  • TRL3 - Analytical and experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof of concept
  • TRL4 - Component and/or breadboard validation in laboratory environment
  • TRL5 - Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment
  • TRL6 - System/subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment
  • TRL7 - System prototype demonstration in an operational environment
  • TRL8 - Actual system completed and qualified through test and demonstration
  • TRL9 - Actual system proven through successful mission operations

Services provided

  • Awareness creation
  • Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking
  • Visioning and Strategy Development for Businesses
  • Collaborative Researchs
  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Incubator/accelerator support
  • Access to Funding and Investor Readiness Services
  • Mentoring
  • Education and skills development
  • Other

Service Examples

Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking

  • Client organizations: companies of any size bot especially SMEs
  • Client needs: facilitate contacts between start-ups, SMEs, end users, mid cap or big companies, as well as research organizations
  • Provided services: Aerospace Valley has 800+ members out of which 550+ SMEs. Aerospace Valley organizes on average 100+ events / year under different formats (breakfast, after-works, meetup, thematic day, B2B, …) enabling the members to connect  and develop innovation and business activities.

More details:

Collaborative research services

As an illustration on collaborative research services, Aerospace Valley has assessed 1293 collaborative innovation projects since its creation in 2005, out of which 1070 have received Aerospace Valley label, and 854 have been funded (1.5 Md€ total budget, for 623 M€ subvention).40% of these projects in the last 2 years are digital related.

As an illustration of support to companies in the development of their new products or services after the R&D phase, Aerospace Valley has supported Algo Tech company first in their R&D project on technical data management for industry 4.0, and further in their product development (artificial intelligence based) with ICOHUP company.

More details:

Incubation service

As an example Aerospace Valley is offering the ESA BIC incubation package, with the technical partnership of CNES, and the financial support of ESA and BPI. The incubation package consists in business, technical, and financial support services. The targeted companies are below 5 years age, dealing with space data digital applications.

More details:


Organizational form

Other (describe)



Number of employees


Evolutionary Stage

In preparation

Geographical Scope



  • Horizon 2020
  • European Regional Development Fund
  • National specific innovation funding
  • Regional funding
  • Private funding
  • Partner resources
  • Memberships


Number of customers annually


Type of customers

  • Start-up companies
  • SMEs (<250 employees)
  • MidCaps (between €2-10 billion turnover)
  • Large companies, multi-nationals
  • Research organisations


  • Sensory systems
  • Photonics and imaging technologies
  • Screens and display technologies
  • Communication networks
  • Cyber physical systems
  • Robotics
  • Internet of things
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Mobility & Location based technologies
  • Interaction technologies
  • Cyber security
  • Advanced, or high performance computing
  • Big data, data analytics, data handling
  • Virtual, augmented and extended reality
  • Simulation, modelling and digital twins
  • Software as a service and service architectures
  • Cloud computing
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Laser based manufacturing
  • Logistics
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