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Aero EDIH (EDIH for Digital Transformation of the Aviation and Aerospace Industry)

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Aero EDIH (EDIH for Digital Transformation of the Aviation and Aerospace Industry)
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European DIH
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The aerospace and aviation industry has been utilizing Information Technology ever since the beginning of the digital revolution. Staying at the forefront of this evolution by utilizing the power of digital transformation represents a major global sustainable growth opportunity.  

The European Commission is investing in some 200 Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe as means to support businesses in their digital transformation. The Aero EDIH* is one of the designated Swedish EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) candidates.

Our mission is to enable business growth and sustainability in the aviation industry and positive societal development by supporting and connecting SMEs, Large Corporations and Public Sector Aviation Actors in their digital transformation activities. 

The Aero EDIH is a cohesive platform for understanding, experimenting with and exploiting digital capabilities based on key enabling technologies such as High-Performance Computing (HPC), AI, Cybersecurity, but also 5G, IoT, Visualization, Simulation and more.   

For the SMEs and public actors, the Aero EDIH offers comprehensive innovation intermediation and facilitation. The SMEs will also be able to benefit from a multifaceted triple helix innovation ecosystem, testing facilities, training and growth support and access to investor networks. The main hub of the Aero EDIH is physically located in the region of Östergötland at the heart of the Swedish Aviation Industry which offer relevant research and industry proximity. The Aero EDIH cover all of Sweden that have strong presence of relevant customers or suppliers.  

Norrköping Science Park (NOSP) is the coordinator for the Aero EDIH together with Independent Business Group, Linköping University, RISE and LFV-Air Navigation Services of Sweden. We work with all our partner organizations in combination with other European entities and initiatives to ensure that the companies at the Aero EDIH have access to various forms of support as for example technology transfers and growth and networking activities. NOSP is also responsible for connecting, promoting and marketing the Aero EDIH in Sweden and internationally mainly through the European network of other EDIHs. 

Do you have an interest in taking part in an exciting journey towards the sustainable Aviation industry of the future?  Or maybe you are just curious to know more? In any case, please contact us at the Aero EDIH.

*EDIH for Digital Transformation of the Aviation and Aerospace Industry


Magnus Krogh
Norrköping Science Park
+46 764 06 04 05

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Norrköping Science Park AB, Laxholmstorget 3, 602 21 Norrköping, Sweden, 602 21, Norrköping (Sweden)
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Magnus Krogh
+46 764 06 04 05
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Dag Forsén
+46 701 43 62 64
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Jonas Nilson
+46 702 78 32 56
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Per Johannesson
+46 733 56 62 04
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Hans Siljebäck
+46 708 23 10 28
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Jonas Anderö
+46 10 228 44 95
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Martin Holmberg
+46 766 33 46 67
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Johan Wall
+46 763 29 82 60


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  • Aeronautics and Space
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