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Contact Data

Coordinator (Economic development agency)

7 technopoles de bretagne

Coordinator website

Year Established



2 rue François Briant de Laubrière, 29000, QUIMPER (France)


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Contact information


Contact information

Ronan LE DEN
02 98 10 02 00

Contact information




Consulting and support for innovative business from the idea and for all the entrepeneurship lifecycle.

7Technolopes de Bretagne is an association of the 7 technopoles of Britanny since 2014. The Région Bretagne has allowed to 7TB a mission to accompany the innovative companies in all the territory of Britanny.

7TB manages the regional incubator Emergys ( that helps technological innovative project to rise till the creation of a startup (entrepeneurship training, financing part of feasability ...).

We also manage a regional program support named "Expérimentation d’innovations numériques" (  aimed to fast-track the development of numeric innovative in solutions in traditionnal business (in 2017, 36 candidates, 14 financial supports).

To help digitizing economy, we help breton companies to build innovative projects at the crossroads of numeric and traditionnal business (agriculture, fishing, health, industry). It can be, for example, by supporting their participation to regional and national program with Images&Réseaux, Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique, Industrie 4.0, BDI, CCI Innovation ... like innovation contests. In that case, some of our members participate to H2020 program or Programme des Investissements d'Avenir (

Conseil et soutien au business innovant à partir de l'idée et pour tout le cycle entrepreneurial.

7Technolopes de Bretagne est une association des 7 technopoles de Bretagne depuis 2014. La Région Bretagne a permis à 7TB d'accompagner les entreprises innovantes sur tout le territoire breton.

7TB gère l'incubateur régional Emergys ( qui aide les projets innovants à se développer jusqu'à la création d'une startup (formation en entrepreneuriat, financement d'une partie de la faisabilité ...). Nous gérons également un programme d’appui régional intitulé «Expérimentation d’innovations numériques» visant à accélérer le développement de l’innovation numérique en solutions dans des secteurs traditionnels (en 2017, 36 candidats, 14 supports financiers).

Pour aider à la numérisation de l'économie, nous aidons les entreprises bretonnes à construire des projets innovants au carrefour des activités numériques et traditionnelles (agriculture, pêche, santé, industrie). Cela peut être, par exemple, en soutenant leur participation à des programmes régionaux et nationaux avec Images & Réseaux, Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique, Industrie 4.0, BDI, CCI Innovation ...

Link to national or regional initiatives for digitising industry

- Our members participate to H2020 program or Programme des Investissements d'Avenir (

- French Tech network / Ecosystem of technologically innovative French businesses throughout the world /

Market and Services

Market sectors

  • Fishing
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Education
  • Health and social work
  • Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco
  • Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres
  • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment
  • Manufacture of transport equipment

TRL Focus

  • TRL7 - System prototype demonstration in an operational environment
  • TRL8 - Actual system completed and qualified through test and demonstration
  • TRL9 - Actual system proven through successful mission operations

Services provided

  • Awareness creation
  • Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking
  • Visioning and Strategy Development for Businesses
  • Testing and validation

Service Examples

Technology transfer

Client profiles = SME's

Client needs = understanding what can bring numercal technologies ti their business

Solution = thematic workshop combining "numeric" professionnal (devloppers, communication, selling, industry ...) and entrepreneur's   feedback / 7 events per year, around 1700 participants

Sensitization and support to access and transfer new technologies and services. The sensitization occurs principally by event organizations centered around numerical practice sharing and examples of digitizing services by entrepreneurs.

As examples of events : Connect'In Lorient, Planet ecommerce Vannes

More details:

Experimentation of digital innovation

Client profile = technological SME's (startups) and an experimentator

Client needs = financing a first prototype in real conditions

Solutions = fundings to built the numeric solution

2017 = 14  supported projects / 36 candidates / 900k€ of fundings

Test his prototype in real conditions, before his marketing, or experimenting with adaptation from a digital product or service to a new market: through this call for projects, the Region seeks to encourage Breton digital SMEs to associate with other structures (companies, associations, communities ...) to promote the achievement of experimental projects and their emergence.

Whether they are innovative solutions in telecom, broadcast / multimedia, software, electronics, connected objects, optics / photonics, smart grids or content production,
these innovative products and services will have to be experienced
in one or more of the priority sectors identified in the Glaz Economy.
Projects may register, in particular, in structuring Breton programs, led by Brittany Innovation Development, at the crossroads of
and channels: cybersecurity, AgreTIC (agriculture), smart-grids (energy), offshore racing. 

The project, lasting up to 24 months, will have be led by a consortium composed, at a minimum, an SME based in Brittany (project leader)
and an "experimenter". If it is possible to associate non-Breton partners or "experimenters", only structures located in Brittany will be able to receive financial support from the Region. All projects will be accompanied by one of the 7 technopoles breton in their assembly and their followed.

More details:

Project incubator Emergys

Client profile = entrepreneurial project leader

Client needs = entrepreneurial support and training, financing study of feasability

Solution provided = specilized incubator in technological project combining advices, linking to the right skills for the project and entrepreneurial training (finance, human ressources, selling ...)

2017 = 57 projects included and supported

Emergys is a project incubator available before creating startup and during 2 years. It provides financial support and training to entrepreneurship

More details:


Organizational form

(part of) Public organization (part of RTO, or university)



Number of employees


Evolutionary Stage

Fully operational

Geographical Scope



  • Regional funding
  • Partner resources


Pôle EMC2

Partner Type

Networked, cluster organization


BPI France

Partner Type

National government


Images &Réseaux

Partner Type

Networked, cluster organization

Atlanpole Biotherapies

Partner Type

Networked, cluster organization

Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique

Partner Type

Networked, cluster organization

Université de Rennes 1

Partner Type



Bretagne Développement Innovation

Partner Type

Economic development agency


Technological competences

  • Sensors, actuators, MEMS, NEMS, RF
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