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Contact Data


European Minds Sweden AB

Year Established



Storgatan 53, 931 30, Skelleftea (Sweden)


Social Media

Contact information

Lars Lindblom
+46 70 6552875



Sweden is a nation steeped in games. We have a great games industry that, year after year, delivers high quality games to the global market. Sweden has one of the oldest games industries in the world, going all the way back to the 1980s pioneer company Target Games (and long before that, Sweden was a market leader in traditional board and family games). Sweden may be one of the world’s top 10 countries for games and game tech development but this is only true when talking about the southern part of Sweden. In the north, the games industry has been underdeveloped for many years, with the exception of Umeå where the industry gained a foothold in the early 2000s. Therefore the focus of the Arctic Game Lab is to support, and be a part of the creation, of a stable gaming industry platform in the north of Sweden. Arctic Game Lab: - provides support for startup companies - helps forming a game developing cluster in northern Sweden/Europe - arranges meetings, forums, venues, expos, fairs, festivals and conferances - provides links between different game related educations - works to create a more gender equal industry - mediates contacts between new tech/game companies and existing industries and/or distributors - provides a test bed with new technology - helps new tech/game companies with international networking and legal issues.

Sverige är en nation med stort spelfokus. Vi har en bra spelindustri som år efter år levererar högkvalitativa spel till den globala marknaden. Sverige har en av världens äldsta digitala spelindustrier som startade redan med 1980-talets pionjärföretag Target Games (och redan långt innan dess var Sverige marknadsledande inom traditionella brädspel och familjespel). Sverige må tillhöra världens topp 10 länder för spel och spelteknikutveckling - men denna industri är rotad i södra delen av Sverige. I norr har spelindustrin varit underutvecklad i många år, med undantag av Umeå där industrin fick fotfäste i början av 2000-talet. Därför är Arctic Game Labs inriktning att stödja och vara en del av skapandet av en stabil spelbranschplattform i norra Sverige. Arctic Game Lab: - tillhandahåller support for nyföretagande - hjälper till att skapa ett spelutvecklingskluster i norra Sverige/Europa - arrangerar mötesplatser, forum, expos, föreläsningar, festivaler och konferanser - ordnar länkar mellan olika spelrelaterade utbildningar - arbetar för att skapa en mer jämlik industri - förmedlar kontakter mellan ny teknik och spelutveckling och befintlig industri och/eller distributörer - tillhandahåller en testbädd med ny teknik - hjälper nyteknik-/spelföretag med internationellt nätverkande och juridiska frågor.

Link to national or regional initiatives for digitising industry

The activities of the hub are well aligned with the Swedish national initiative for digitising industry, Smart Industry.

Market and Services

Market sectors

  • Public administration and defence
  • Education
  • Health and social work
  • Other community, social and personal service activities (media, entertainment, etc.)

TRL Focus

  • TRL1 - Basic principles observed and reported
  • TRL2 - Technology concept and/or application formulated
  • TRL5 - Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment
  • TRL6 - System/subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment
  • TRL7 - System prototype demonstration in an operational environment
  • TRL8 - Actual system completed and qualified through test and demonstration

Services provided

  • Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking
  • Concept validation and prototyping
  • Testing and validation
  • Incubator/accelerator support
  • Education and skills development

Service Examples

i) Short description (what need was solved)?
Sweden has great success in the game industry. There is no game development cluster in the north of Sweden. A game dev cluster would improve the attractiveness of the labour market in the north of Sweden for well educated.
ii) What service(s) provided (different from example 2 and 3)?
Arctic Game Lab signed highly skilled people from the industry and presented the benefits of starting business in the north. The service was mainly giving advice and helping with the right network for the clients need. One example is Gold Town Games.
iii) The relation with digitization?
All of the games where digital. They helped attract skilled people to the region w new digital skills like programming, grafic design, market intelligence.
iv) Name customer, contact details
Gold Town Games, Pär Hultgren CEO
Time Stop Interactive AB,
Grand Pike AB,
Digital Awakening AB,
Lundmark & Marklund AB,

Industry relevant educations
i) Short description (what need was solved)?
In the north of Sweden there were few education to support the needs of the game dev industry. Luleå Technical University har two in the city of Skellefteå. But other vice there were none.
ii) What service(s) provided (different from example 1 and 3)?
Arctic Game Lab initiated talks w educators and municipalities. Today, two years later, there are a number of educators on different levels planning and preforming education focusing on the gaming industry
iii) The relation with digitization?
All of the educators preform based on using digital tools for creating digital products. This creates posibilities for for companies to find skills for taking the next step in digitalization
iv) Name customer, contact details
Medlefors Folkhögskola,
Edelvik Folkhögskola,
Solvik Folkhögskola,
Sunderbyn Folkhögskola,

Test bed
i) Short description (what need was solved)?
The game dev industry are early adopters when it comes to new technology. For new companies in the business or companies in other busnisess it is often hard and expensive to get hold of "the latest". One of the strategic pillars of Arctic Game Lab is to focus on new technology.
ii) What service(s) provided (different from example 2 and 3)?
To make it easier to create new games or improve existing games for theese comanies and also to help other industries improve based on game tech, Arctic Game Lab provides a test bed w the right equipment for them to develop.
iii) The relation with digitization?
To have access to new digital technology and the support to make use of that equipment in innovation is very important to really become competitive in the digital society.
iv) Name customer, contact details
Boliden AB
Time Stop Interactive AB,
Grand Pike AB,
Digital Awakening AB,
Lundmark & Marklund AB,
Medlefors Folkhögskola,
Edelvik Folkhögskola,
Solvik Folkhögskola,
Sunderbyn Folkhögskola,
Luleå Technical University (LTU),
Goldtown Games AB,
Nordsken Handlingskraft AB,
Science City Skellefteå AB,
European Minds Sweden AB,  
Goodbye Kansas AB,
Autotech Teknikinformation AB,
Previble AB


Organizational form

Public Private Partnership



Number of employees


Evolutionary Stage

In preparation

Geographical Scope



  • European Regional Development Fund
  • Regional funding


Number of customers annually


Type of customers

  • Start-up companies
  • SMEs (<250 employees)
  • MidCaps (between €2-10 billion turnover)
  • Large companies, multi-nationals


European Minds Sweden AB

Goldtown Games AB

Piteå Municipality

Nordsken Handlingskraft AB

Umeå University

Luleå Tech University

Level Eight AB

Luleå Municipality

Autotech Teknikinformation AB

Skellefteå Municipality

Björnmamman AB

Turborilla AB

Region Västerbotten

Sunderbyn Folkhögskola

Goodbye Kansas AB

Luleå Technical University (LTU)

Hello Future

Boliden AB

Coldwood Interactive AB


Solvik Folkhögskola

Science City Skellefteå AB

Umeå Municipality

Medlefors Folkhögskola

Edelvik Folkhögskola

Boden Municipality

Technological competences

  • Screens and display technologies
  • Broadband and other communication networks (e.g. 5G)
  • Location based technologies (e.g. GPS, GIS, in-house localization)
  • Interaction technologies (e.g. human-machine Interaction, motion recognition and language technologies)
  • Augmented and virtual reality, visualization
  • Simulation and modelling
  • Gamification
  • New Media technologies
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