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Contact Data

Coordinator (Incubator/accelerator)

Baltic Tech Park

Coordinator website

Year Established



Liepu street 83, LT-92195, Klaipeda (Lithuania)


Contact information

Romualdas Petraitis




Baltic Maritime Digital Innovation Hub (BM DIH) aims to become a digital innovation support platform that helps companies, institutions and organisations in the region of  Klaipėda to create added value through digital technology, better business and production processes. The Baltic Digital Innovation centre functions as a one stop shop service to digitize businesses in the Klaipėda region, and it enables the participants of the digital ecosystem to resolve challenges by focusing on businesses.

Vision- to develop progress in the Baltic Sea region through digital technology and networking.

Mission- to mobilize the network players of the digital ecosystem of Klaipėda region and to create added value for companies.

The main strategic objectives are to initiate and develop public sector, business and scientific cooperation in the field of digital innovation, using the most advanced means of communication. Mobilise the necessary infrastructure for research and experimental development (R&D), initiate the development of new products and services, implement product prototyping and testing, quality assurance (validation), standardisation, certification, For the management of digital innovation projects, to participate in EU and national programmes.

BM DIH focuses on Maritime industry, ICT, civil engineering, life sciences and biotechnology, energy and clean technologies. These sectors comply with R&D priorities on national level as laid out in Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3), the implementation of which is supported by a number of EU Structural Funds measures.

In 2017, Lithuanian Government has concluded a national industry‘s competitiveness committee „Pramonė 4.0“ to address Industry 4.0 issues on national level, followed by Ministry of Economy launching a coordination group for this matter.

Baltic Maritime DIH activities are aligned with the RIS3 strategy: reinforcing excellence in knowledge creation and developing new high-tech industries 

  • Funding research and technology centres; 
  • Public-private partnerships for innovation;
  • Targeted research funds, for private and public actors, and for co-operative projects; 
  • Participation in national and international competitive research programmes;  
  • Research spin-off promotion schemes (e.g. regional seed and venture capital funds);
  • Global talent attraction in targeted new sectors.

Baltic Maritime DIH is recognized as the strategic project of Klaipeda Regional Development Council.

Expert of the Baltic Maritime DIH Mr. Romualdas Petraitis is the  member of the Working Group on Digital Innovation Hubs


Link to national or regional initiatives for digitising industry

Links to national or regional initiatives for digitising industry

In 2017, Lithuanian Government has concluded a national industry‘s competitiveness committee „Pramonė 4.0“ to address Industry 4.0 issues on national level, followed by Ministry of Economy launching a coordination group for this matter ( BM DIH strategic objectives correspond to „Pramonė 4.0“ committee‘s goals and BM DIH aims to collaborate with „Pramonė 4.0“ committee in the near future.

Alignment with RIS3 strategies

In addition, BM DIH strategic objectives align with the following RIS3 strategies:

  • To focus investment and create synergies
  • To improve the innovation process
  • To develop and implement strategies for economic transformation
  • To respond to economic and societal challenges
  • To improve a region’s internal and external connections

BM DIH headquarters are based in Klaipėda city. In 2018, Klaipėda city municipality prepared a new strategy „Klaipėda 2030: Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan“. BM DIH aims to contribute to the implementation process of Klaipėda city municipality‘s new strategy as BM DIH main strategic objectives correspond to part of „Klaipėda 2030: Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan“ strategic directions:

  • Become a world-class blue economy city offering rapid solutions
  • Become a digitization centre for industry, transport and logistics
  • Focus on further development of the Marine Valley
  • Focus on city marketing and city brand platform
  • Build and introduce bio- and clean technology solutions
  • Become an Industry 4.0 competence centre
  • Provide digital creative and professional services

Market and Services

Market sectors

  • Electricity, gas and water supply
  • Construction
  • Transport, storage and communication
  • Health and social work

TRL Focus

  • TRL1 - Basic principles observed and reported
  • TRL2 - Technology concept and/or application formulated
  • TRL3 - Analytical and experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof of concept
  • TRL4 - Component and/or breadboard validation in laboratory environment
  • TRL5 - Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment
  • TRL6 - System/subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment
  • TRL7 - System prototype demonstration in an operational environment
  • TRL8 - Actual system completed and qualified through test and demonstration
  • TRL9 - Actual system proven through successful mission operations

Services provided

  • Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking
  • Visioning and Strategy Development for Businesses
  • Collaborative Researchs
  • Concept validation and prototyping
  • Testing and validation
  • Pre-competitive series production
  • Commercial infrastructure
  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Incubator/accelerator support

Service Examples

Digitalisation audit

Baltic Maritime DIH provided digital audit services for an SME in food industry. Client‘s problem was manual production line and limited capacity to adapt it to new functions / products. As the outcome of digital audit, the company is able to install digital solution and automate the production line. 

Facilitating development of products

The SME’s in ICT, and robotics, located in Baltic Tech Park, has developed a mechanical prototyping tool (patent pending). The client was looking for ideas on how to improve the product to respond to the market needs in the digital age. After running a creative thinking session, electronic components and micro computers were added to the tool, increasing the scope of product application and sales.


Baltic Maritime DIH based start-up, working with AI and robotics, has developed image recognition technology for the healthcare sector. The client cooperates with the major national clinic which will digitalise medical services using the product by automating recognition of abnormalities / deviations in x-ray images.Baltic Maritime DIH provides consultancy and assistance regarding acquisition of funds, R&D related tax exemptions, networking and PR. 

Acceleration of digital start-ups

Another promising start-up located in Baltic Maritime DIH, is designing an application to assist people with restricted mental health. In 2017 the Baltic eHealth cluster was established. It will help digitalising services of medical care. Baltic Maritime DIH provides acceleration, consulting on business development, finding partners and raising funds for designing the prototype to be presented for potential investors. Among others, Baltic Technology Park, the leading organisation behind Baltic Maritime DIH, established Naval Innovation and Technology Center. The Center brings together and challenges government, universities, society and businesses to collaborate in finding digital solutions for defense and security of our country which is the member of the NATO since 2004. It expands networking opportunities of the key actors, raises awareness on digitalisation, and supports the growth of ICT based military start-ups. 



The liquefied natural gas (LNG) and oil terminal operator KN (Klaipėdos nafta) with the participation of Baltic Maritime DIH, will start scheduled technical inspection and maintenance of the floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU).

It is planned to warm up four vessel tanks with the capacity of 170 000 m3 of LNG during inspection, which will be preliminarily carried out until the end of March. Inspection works will be carried out for the first time since the beginning of operation of “Independence”. Thus, the specialists will be able to assess the condition of tanks isolation from the inside. The regular temperature of -160°C is planned to be restored in tanks by the LNG carrier that will come to Klaipėda at the end of March.


As it was not recorded any violation of occupational safety or any incident since the start of operation of the terminal in 2014, and after the technical inspection is carried out it will be possible to continue providing market participants with reliable and efficient services of natural gas regasification and reloading, which comply with the highest security standards, in the LNG Terminal.

“Independence” will remain in Klaipėda during inspection, which will significantly reduce maintenance costs, and foreign specialists who will come to Klaipėda for a month will create added value for the entire city. As so far there hasn’t been any long-standing practice of inspecting FSRUs, the experience will serve as the guidelines for controlling authorities to carry out inspections of analogous LNG FSRUs worldwide.

The operation of the LNG terminal in Klaipėda operated by KN is annually temporarily suspended for scheduled maintenance works, and the company is obliged to carry out an in-depth inspection of the terminal and the LNG FSRU every five years. In order to efficiently manage operation, the clients of the Klaipėda LNG terminal were informed about planned works a half-year ago, and these works have been taken into account when planning the schedule for the gas year 2019. 

The mobile program audio-guide "Klaipėda Guide"

Audio- guide "Klaipėda Guide" will spread and make known the name of Lithuania at the global competition


The mobile program  audio – guide "Lets discover Klaipeda town with Ann from Tharrau" developed under the initiative and efforts of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority and Baltic Maritime DIH has acquired the right to be called the digital "the new book spreader" of Lithuania. It will spread and make known the name of Lithuania at the global competition. "Klaipeda Guide", inviting the tourists of cruise liners, Klaipeda citizens and quest of the town to learn about Klaipeda history and culture, will represent Lithuania at the global competition "World Summit Awards" held under the auspices of the United Nations.

Audio-guide "Klaipeda Guide" was assessed at the competition "The New Book Spreader" in the category "Culture and Tourism". This audio-guide developed under the initiative of the Seaport Authority together with some other winners  of Lithuanian  pre-selection competition  has become the "new book spreader" of Lithuania and acquired the right to use the sign "WSA Winner Lithuania" in its digital content solution. Audio-guide "Klaipeda Guide" will represent Lithuania at the global competition "Word Summit Awards 2018" designated to select and promote the digital innovations with high impact on improving society. The winners of this competition will be included into the global network of WSA winners and invited to take participation at WSA Congress – the event designated to the most progressive digital content solutions - that will be held in Vienna.

The state of the arts novelty and the free audio guide (linked with navigation system) is designated to tourists of cruise liners and all guests and citizens of Klaipeda. This mobile program will help to discover and learn about the places of interest of the town in an attractive way. The particularity of this audio - guide are the town stories, experience, legends and extracts from books  narrated by Ann from Tharrau. Songs, the sounds of the beat of the sea waves and the turmoil of medieval town on the sound track get the tourists involved into the whirl of the town history during their excursions.

This audio - guide introduces in three languages (Lithuanian. English and German) 35 places of interest and offers over 80 photographs.  Besides, the program features 3 short presentations on Lithuania, Klaipeda and Klaipeda Seaport.

The content, photographs and the sound track of audio - guide are to be supplemented in future. Furthermore, the program has the feedback form for appreciations and evaluations where everybody can evaluate the program directly on the device or write a letter and submit the opinion and evaluation by the indicated e - mail address and, in such a way, take participation in the development of the program content in future.

Creating an integrated business management system through consolidation the company’s internal processes and their transfer to electronic space

Until the project was implemented, a significant part of the documentation process was carried out manually, thus depriving the administration of a high number of working hours and the likelihood of a significant human factor error. With the initiative and assistance of Baltic Maritime DIH, the company JSC "Viremidos Statyba" has sought to transpose the standard procedures in the electronic space and to form an integrated business management system that increases operational efficiency, allows better control of the logistics process and saves time, reducing errors to better manage risks and important business processes.


This system enabled the company to:

• Record, monitor and facilitate competition in public building competitions;

• Register contracts and contacts with potential customers, clients, Genegees and subcontractors, suppliers and architects;

• Create a calendar of the construction project in the Gantt schedule;

• Format requests for suppliers conveniently and standardised;

• Manage materials, tools, mechanisms between different construction objects;

• Communicate with subcontractors on construction objects conveniently.

A move towards the aim to increase the use of renewable energies. "Klaipeda Energy" steam will travel to Free Economic Zone

„Klaipėdos energijos“ garas keliaus į LEZ‘ą


To reduce Earth's temperature and pollutant emissions, in particular by completely abandoning fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas, shale) and replacing it Clean energy, thus aiming to contribute to the achievement of ambitious state objectives to mitigate climate change ' the partner of Baltic Maritime DIH JSC “Klaipėdos energija” in 2018began to implement the Lypian District Boiler reconstruction Project, which will install the 8 megawatts (MW) of steam boiler fired with biofuels. The product produced by the boiler – industrial steam – is an opportunity for companies in the Klaipėda free economy to avoid unnecessary investments and to make use of cheap and green energy. Steam boiler will be fired with biofuels, and also condensing smoke economizer will be built.

Water in boilers, which has been heated to the required temperature and pressure, will be supplied to the steam collectors and thence to the Free Economic Zone industry. The condensate produced in the production will be returned back to the boiler room, and the excess steam will be transferred to the heaters, where thermographic water will be heated. Steam will be fully "employed", at the end with any side or unused products.

Automatic Management system of working time

With the initiative and assistance of Baltic Maritime DIH Automatic Management system of working time was implemented in JSC “Uosto verslo centras”. Until the project was implemented, the working time of workers was accounted manually. The Manager had to evaluate the time worked by the workers and report to the accounting department at the end of the month. The whole process took a lot of time, distracting the Managers from their main responsibilities. However, the actual time worked by the workers could have been different from what the their Managers had recorded. Possibility of errors was high. It was necessary for accountants to keep in touch with the Managers in order to ascertain whether the time worked by the worker was real. For these reasons, it was decided to introduce an automatic management system of working time. 


This system enabled the company to:

• Automatically assess when a worker has come to work and when he has left;

• To concentrate Managers on their key functions, to better supervise workers and their work

• Reduce the time spent by the administration for staff, administrative delays in working time;

• Reduce the number of errors in the management process of working time;

• Know the actual time worked by the workers;

• To see the time worked by workers in real time, to react more quickly and to make decisions;

• Automatically see where their subordinate is working in the building facility.

Creation of IT-enabled tools for natural and cultural heritage attractions in the South Baltic Region

Lithuanian Sea Museum together with museums, touristic attractions, IT specialists of Baltic Maritme DIH and research institutions of Klaipeda region cooperate in the project ‘Baltic Museums: Love IT!’ to create IT-enabled tools for natural and cultural heritage attractions in the South Baltic Region. The purpose of the project is to develop multilingual tours to be run on the own devices (e.g. smartphones) that the visitors bring to the attractions. Addressing the trend of gamification, the project will use game elements to make the visitors’ experience more involving, and extend the single visit into long-term relationships.


Organizational form

(part of) Public organization (part of RTO, or university)



Number of employees


Evolutionary Stage

Fully operational

Geographical Scope



  • Horizon 2020
  • European Social Fund
  • National basic research funding
  • National specific innovation funding


Number of customers annually


Type of customers

  • Start-up companies
  • SMEs (<250 employees)
  • MidCaps (between €2-10 billion turnover)
  • Large companies, multi-nationals
  • Research organisations


Klaipeda municipality

Partner Type

Regional government


Klaipeda Seaport Authority

Partner Type

Large enterprise


Klaipedos nafta

Partner Type

Large enterprise


Klaipeda University

Partner Type



Klaipedos Energija

Partner Type

Large enterprise


Lithuanian Sea Museum

Partner Type

Research & Technology organization


Asociation INFOBALT

Partner Type

Industry association


Uosto verslo centras

Partner Type



Digital Innovation Institute

Partner Type

Research & Technology organization


Technological competences

  • Robotics and autonomous systems
  • Internet of Things (e.g. connected devices, sensors and actuators networks)
  • Artificial Intelligence and cognitive systems
  • Cyber security (including biometrics)
  • Data mining, big data, database management
  • Augmented and virtual reality, visualization
  • Software as a service and service architectures
  • ICT management, logistics and business systems
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