Digital Agenda Toolbox Digital Agenda Toolbox

The Digital Agenda Toolbox provides support to regional and national authorities to develop a thorough understanding of the digital growth potential stemming from the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE). It highlights the opportunities Information and Communication Technology (ICT) entails as a key element in their national or regional research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3) and related Operational Programmes (OPs). At the same time, this Toolbox provides guidance for the fulfilment of the DAE-related ex-ante conditionalities that will form the basis for using European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) for ICT investments. It thus complements the RIS3 Guide and other related policy documents such as the Guide on Broadband Investment. The Toolbox furthermore provides hands-on assistance for developing a strategic policy framework for digital growth by discussing the do's and don'ts of the process and giving examples of good practises.

Strategies for digital growth can build on an ICT-specific policy framework that encompasses one or several documents and also incorporates related prior policies. Such a framework can be a standalone document or may be incorporated in broader research and innovation strategies. Regardless of which option is chosen, this Toolbox provides guidance on how to design a policy framework to reinforce competitiveness, improve social, economic and territorial cohesion while contributing to the objectives set out within the Digital Agenda for Europe, and the National Reform Programmes where applicable.

The Toolbox is the outcome of joint activities between the Smart Specialisation Platform of the Joint Research Centre, DG CNECT and DG REGIO.