Consumer Involvement in Agrifood Innovation Consumer Involvement in Agrifood Innovation

Monitoring reports containing a management report and a progress report prepared by the Lead Region(s) are available here:
- Monitoring Report covering the period from July to December 2020
- Monitoring Report covering the period from January to June 2020


About the Partnership

The overarching vision of this partnership is to involve consumers and end-users in agrifood innovation, as an innovative approach to both regional growth and as part of the solutions to the global food challenges.

With this thematic partnership on Consumer Involvement in Agrifood Innovation we want to empower communities of consumers by exploring and developing different paths to enhance consumer involvement in the innovation process in this sector. This partnership aspires to take a leading role in the transition of the Agrifood sector. For a healthy and resilient food system, active involvement and understanding of consumers is crucial for developing the sector in corporation with academia, businesses and public institutions. Mutual understanding between parties in the value chain is essential for trust in the food sector value chain, and to develop a food supply chain that answers to future consumer and market demands. Questions to be addressed are: What do future user demands mean for existing business models and what are the needs for transforming business models in the future? What ways are there to let consumers engage in product design and production innovation? How can consumers play an active role as partners in innovation? What options are there for living labs aimed at not only product development, but actual improvement of the way we deal with our food in everyday life? How can consumer involvement help to increase sustainability in the food-chain? What does this mean for the fit between demand and supply?

Focus and Topics

This partnership aims to develop methods for enhancing and channeling consumer involvement in Agri-Food innovation. And it stimulates (investments in) pilot-projects to validate various methods, by exploring the paths among which this can be achieved.

This thematic partnership will be based on three pillars, addressing the following topics:

Joint Research and innovation

This pillar refers to research and innovation activities where the consumer or end user is involved as a partner instead of just being a subject of research.

Awareness and public debate

This pillar refers to activities that are aimed at encouraging a direct dialogue with consumers and end users throughout the entire food value chain.

Future business models

This pillar refers to development of new business models anticipating and responding to the changing relationship between actors in the Agrifood value chain. It also addresses the necessary innovative ecosystem for economic clustering, where new business models can flourish.

State of play

As indicated in the launching presentation of our thematic partnership during ERIAFF conference in Seinäjoki, the partnership is currently working on finishing our scoping note. After having received feedback from the European Commission JRC Seville, the partnership has come to the conclusion that our scoping note needs some small modifications before it has reached the level of quality we are striving for. Therefore we decided to postpone publication of the Scoping note until after Summer Holidays 2018. In connection to publication of the Scoping note, the partnership will also publish a Questionnaire intended to serve as a door through which other Regions can enter the partnership.

Both these documents will appear after the summer as Flash News on the webpage you are currently visiting.

If you can´t wait to engage with the partnership, contact the lead-regions in order to meet us in Aarhus on the 6th and 7th of September, or book a meeting with us in Brussels.

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Additional information & documents

Past events

S3Partnership/ERIAFF working group, 13 November 2019. Call for Regions

Science meets regions in Aarhus, q3 2019

PXL S3 Workshop in Östegötland, Jan-Feb 2019

Stakeholder meeting in Östergötland, 22 October 2019

10 October 2018 - Presentation at EWRC in Brussels

11 June 2018 - Operational Meeting, introduction of Foodbait Project in Seinäjoki, Finland

6-7 September 2018 - Partnership meeting combined with Danish Food Festival in Aarhus

17 May 2018 – Partnership meeting in Brussels

18 May 2018 – presentation of S3P for the ERRIN-Bio-economy working group and Commission officials

5 June 2018 – presentation of S3P for Latin American delegation in connection with the INNOVACT project

11 June 2018 – S3P AF Working Committee Meeting in Seinajoki, Finland

From 11-13 June 2018 – ERIAFF Conference: Launching presentation of the thematic partnership on Consumer Involvement in Agrifood Innovation in Seinajoki, Finland

12 June 2018 -- Partnership meeting in Finland

3 July 2018 -- Partnership meeting in Brussels