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Monitoring reports containing a management report and a progress report prepared by the Lead Region(s) are available here:
   Monitoring report covering the period from July to December 2019
   Monitoring report covering the period from January to June 2019  
   Monitoring report
covering the period from July to December 2018

Bioenergy is a common priority of smart specialisation for several regions across EU. Accordingly, in 2016 the smart specialisation platform on energy has supported the creation of an interregional partnership for bioenergy and smart specialisation which is currently working in four priority areas: biofuels, biomass, biogas and knowledge transfer.

This bioenergy partnership is led by the regions of Lapland (FI) and Castile and Leon (ES) and engages the participation of 20 other regions committed to being frontrunners in developing forest-based as well as non-food agriculture-based bioenergy as the basis for sustainable regional growth. In line with the EU goals, bio-energy represents about two-thirds of the renewable energy production in the European Union and is one of the main energy sources contributing to fulfil the 20% objective with renewables for 2020.

With this interregional partnership initiative, participant regions are already meeting and expect to develop common ground for cooperation through the common elaboration of tasks such as mapping, pilot activities and joint investments.

Based on the first steps (survey, workshops, etc.) undertaken in the partnership, some specific areas for cross regional collaborations have been identified:

  • Biomass installations in rural areas/communities;
  • Biogas installations (materials, cooperatives, etc.);
  • Thermal Energy – Heating and Cooling.
  • Forest management models
  • Small scale generation of electricity using pellets and wood chips
  • Awareness creation and exchange of best practices

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APPROVE (Advancing Public Participation and stakeholdeR engagement fOr the improVement of renewable Energy policies)

Regions involved

Leading regions
Participating regions
Interested regions

Information on partner regions: June 2020, according to the Monitoring Report provided by the lead regions.


1. Contact details of the leading regions

2. Contact details of JRC

Fernando MÉRIDA MARTÍN, Directorate B, Growth and Innovation. Unit 3, Territorial Development.
Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy (S3PEnergy)

The Bio Base NWE consortium, Smart Specialisation for SMEs Innovation. 
Winner of RegioStars 2017.

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