This partnership supports excellence-based processing of renewable natural resources and their side streams for high added value applications and ensuring access to market, through value chain collaborations among partner regions.


BERRY+ is an S3 industrial modernisation partnership approved on 17.11.2020. Its purpose is to establish an interregional cluster among the partner regions, emphasising excellence-based processing of renewable natural resources & their side streams for high added value applications and ensuring access to market, through value chain collaborations. 

Value chain collaborations were selected since, as business and regional growth tools, they can be effective instruments supporting innovation-based growth on all levels of governance (regional, national, EU and global). We especially prioritise value chain collaborations as classified in the figure below.

The starting point of BERRY+ is circular economy as a driver for growth, investments and exports. We consider renewable natural resources scarce goods. We aim on maximising the value bound to them as much as possible in the economy, and in the process to generate sustainable growth for the partner-regions. Interregional complementarities identified through value chain analysis will support partner regions’ industrial development, path the way for long term collaboration, joint development and accelerate the transfer to a competitive circular economy. 


Thematic working areas

During this starting phase of the BERRY+ partnership, the prioritised value chains, from raw materials to final products and their associated technologies of the following types of value chains:
  • food processing (functional foods, vegetable- or dairy-based proteins, herbs applications,…)
  • regenerative cosmetics
  • forest-industries sideflows-based products especially those replacing current, non-sustainable and non-renewable products (such as plastics) and raw materials (oil, chemicals etc.) in various industries. 

Synergies between and among these value chains will also be taken into account. Synergies between and among these value chains will also be taken into account.

BERRY+ initiatives are organised in three distinct types of activities and their synergies:
  • investments
  • transregional projects
  • regional & national projects & initiatives supporting investments and clustering.

These initial working areas are not restrictive. They will be expanded, diversified, as new regions join BERRY+ and as the initial BERRY+ partnership identifies new opportunities.

List of regions involved

Contact details of the leading regions

Contact details of DG REGIO

Past and future events

  • January 2021 project meeting, focusing on: (i) clarification of all management issues; (ii) discussion and comfirrmation of regional regional priorities; eight regional reports and a consolidating report delivered; (ii) agree approach for mapping dominan tand emerging market and edge research trends (crtieria, external expert, process, and financing of the task). 
  • March 2021: Report on activities II.2 and II.3 delivered by the external expert. 
  • April 2021: Project meeting to evaluate and agree the value chain analysis approach. Value chain analysis training.
  • May 2021: Value chain analysis (activity II.4) delivered by external expert. 
  • June 2021: Review of the value chain analysis by the partner regions (activity II.5). Project meeting to discuss concrete complementarities and pilots (activity II.6).

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