Advanced manufacturing for energy applications

Advanced manufacturing for energy applications in harsh environments (ADMA Energy) is one of the pilot actions inside VANGUARD INITIATIVE that was launched in June 2014.

ADMA Energy

Advanced manufacturing for energy applications in harsh environments (ADMA Energy) is one of the pilot actions inside Vanguard Initiative that was launched in June 2014 with the objective to make the EU a global leader in manufacturing robust high integrity components for marine renewables and offshore energy applications. To this extent, the ADMA Energy Pilot is designing the tools and services that will enable SMEs, big market players, R&D centres, testing facilities, certification bodies and other relevant stakeholders to overcome the barriers that hinder collaboration opportunities leading the way to new solutions, innovations, products for the development of a competitive cross-regional ADMA for energy value chain. 

The ADMA Energy Pilot is focused around the following broad market areas:
  • Offshore Oil and Gas.
  • Offshore wind.
  • Ocean energy – especially wave and tidal. 

The main goal is to create new business opportunities and increased growth for the sector by facilitating to European companies the best partnerships in order to address and solve specific challenges at the technological level in the different markets and segments:
  • For offshore oil & gas the challenges include operation in deeper seas, higher pressures and temperatures and with increased levels of corrosive and erosive materials in the flow, whilst maintaining integrity, reducing operation and maintenance costs and meeting more stringent leakage prevention requirements.
  • For offshore wind energy the challenges include increased water depths, more remote and distant site locations, corrosion of towers and foundations and larger size of components, with a resultant increase in logistical challenges for installation, operation and maintenance.
  • For ocean energy (mainly wave and tidal energies), the current biggest challenge is the survivability of the marine devices.

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Cristina Oyon 

Basque country, Spain, Head of strategic initiatives, SPRI


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