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Workshop 'Peer Discussion as a Step Towards RIS3' in Brno (CZ)

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This peer-review workshop was organised by the S3 Platform together with the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Region of South Moravia (CZ).

The workshop employed the peer-review methodology as an instrument to support EU regions and Member States in the development of their RIS3 (Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation).

This peer review ran over two days starting on 13 March with a welcome session followed by a panel session to explore the possibilities and challenges with different approaches to designing RIS3 strategies, taking into account the institutional set-up and capabilities for regional, national and combined strategies. The session began with an introduction on the topic by Inger Midtkandal (S3 Platform) followed by a presentation of different models by Jack Engwegen (DG Regio). Next, there were three illustrative examples of the different approaches, one on England by Louise Kempton, on  Region Centre (FR) by Frédéric Pinna and on South Moravia by David Uhlir. England's mixed experience with regional development agencies resulted in a situation without regional level but with rather a national and a local level which produced an institutional gap which needed to be overcome. On the other hand, in the Czech Republic, they were in a process of building capacity and mobilising at regional level, when most of the competences are at national level. In Region Centre, there was the "state in the region" which works in partnership and alongside the regional actors.

The panel session was followed by an introduction to mutual learning by Fatime Hegyi (S3 Platform) and the first set of regional presentations. On the second event day, two other regions presented their work on RIS3.

The event ended with a plenary session on conclusions and lessons learned. Major messages were that in RIS3 processes which are place based strategies that emphasise the regional level it is important to nurture national and regional capabilities, as well ads relations between these levels. Furthermore, there seemed to be a universal challenge in connecting universities, industry and societal actors. There was a need to bring in more demand side perspectives in to the RIS3 process that these actors represent and to work more with stakeholder involvement in formulating and implementing the strategy. Besides, a sense of urgency and challenge in finishing RIS3s and in how to translate RIS3s into operational programmes could be perceived. At the same time, it was important that this sense of urgency would not make regions develop a pure paper product and skip the important process of stakeholder involvment and drop the level of quality, for this strategy is what would guide the work for many years and it was important to not compromise on the quality and stakeholder involvement.

A study tour was organised afterwards to present the work that South Moravia had been carrying out accelerating startups.

Agenda and Presentations

Event agenda

Saxony - presentation and background material
South Moravia - presentation
Świętokrzyskie - presentation and background material
Wales - presentation and background material


Hotel International, Brno (CZ)

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