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Workshop on regional heating and cooling priorities and financing in the framework of the Smart Specialisation Platform (S3P-E H&C)

General Information

Last May, a workshop on Smart Specialisation on Heating and Cooling was organised by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC). It gathered 40 participants including regional representatives and experts in the heating and cooling field. The workshop offered the possibility of discussing how to achieve effective regional heating and cooling planning and how to fund projects by the uptake of the European Structural and Investment funds.

Different examples were presented to inspire new projects in other regions. These examples tackled different aspects including technical, economic and social.

After the workshop regions are willing to collaborate further and they found interesting synergies with the ongoing partnerships in the Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy (S3PEnergy).

Agenda and Presentations



Day 1 — 30th May 2018: Heating and cooling technologies and planning


1.  Introduction, Johan Carlsson, JRC

Session: Analysis of regional priorities and challenges

2. Analysis on priorities/barriers/challenges of regions based on the information from questionnaires/assessments, Juan Pablo Jimenez Navarro, JRC

3. Renewable heating technology solutions including heat pumps, Mr. Lukas Kranzl. TU Wien

4. Renewable cooling technology solutions including heat pumps, Mrs. Sibylle Braungardt

5. District heating and cooling systems, Mr Cyril Roger-Lacan

6. Sustainable buildings, Mr. Andreas Hermelink. Ecofys

Session: Strategy session – technology implementation

7. Heat Roadmap Europe 4, Mr. Brian Vad Mathiesen. Aalborg University

8. Evaluation of economic energy efficiency potential in H&C sector, Johan Carlsson, JRC

9. Example of advanced cities in Europe — Barcelona, Mr. Manuel Torrent. Agència d’Energia de Barcelona

10. Experiences from setting up energy partnerships, Fernando Merida Martin, JRC

Regions present examples of successful implementation of TO1 and TO4 or other projects that made their H&C sector more sustainable               

11. Mr Evgeni Antanasov of Sofia municipality

12. Mrs Macoveiu of North-East RDA

Session: Regional cooperation

13. S3P partnership: biomass, Mr. Rafael Ayuste Cupido. Regional Energy Agency of Castilla y León

14. S3P partnership: sustainable buildings, Mr. Joaquín Villar. Regional Energy Agency of Andalusia


Day 2 — 31st May 2018: Heating and cooling financing

Session: District heating and cooling financing

15. Heating and Cooling decarbonisation policies and related EU financing, Eva Hoos DG ENER

16. Example of EBRD financing for district heating and cooling, Mr. Greg Gebrail. Principal Engineer at EBRD

17. Main Financial Mechanisms for district heating and cooling ESCOs and Energy Performance Contract activities in district heating, Dr. Paolo Bertoldi. Action leader for energy efficiency at JRC

18. Example of EIB financing for district heating and cooling, Mr. Reinhard Six. Engineer for energy efficiency and renewables at EIB

19. Cohesion policy funding for district heating and cooling, Dr. Gergana Miladinova. DG REGIO

20. ESCOs and Energy Performance Contract activities in public buildings, Dr. Paolo Bertoldi. Action leader for energy efficiency at JRC

Region Experience, Mr. Tomasz Harkot. Lubelskie (no PPT)

Session: Sustainable buildings

21. Examples of Energy Performance Contract in building renovation (thermal insulation, renewable and conventional H&C equipment), Simone Alessandri EU.ESCO

22. DER and HVAC in advanced Energy Performance Contracting Business Models, Mr Lohse, Klmatschutz- und Energieagentur Baden Württemberg

23. Energy Efficiency policies in buildings and the Smart Finance for Smart Building initiative, Mr. Timothy Noel. DG Energy

24. Financial Instruments for Energy Efficiency in Lithuania, Agnė Kazlauskaitė, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania

25. The "ESKO Ekosystem": Guidelines and platform, the key to scale in EE financing, Nicholas Stancioff, LABEEF, Latvia

26. City Experience, Piero Pelizzaro, Municipality of Milan


Meeting centre Albert Borschette, Rue Froissart 36, 1040 Etterbeek (Brussels), Belgium

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